Allied bid placement strategies

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    Also, saw that DD attacked Karelia against Lucky on G1 in the tournament.
    I believe he let Z2 and Z12 both go.

    He did hit Sz 2 with 2 subs and a ftr.

    Yeah it seems like lots of Kar attacks on G1 lately.  Very aggressive.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Not impressed
    Dude is 2-7 in league play in 2011 and 2012 together
    You need to teach him more
    Play me and attack Karelia and Egypt at the same time.

    Feel free to start from the same save file! I’m ready.  Lets see how much “better” you are than TDJ.

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    You mean after you got lucky and put the moves on TDJ?
    No, I meant start over.  Show me you have the balls to do those attacks when you’re across the table from me, and know that you can’t easily catch up if you get unlucky.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Oh I see how it is, you’re AFRAID of a handful of good dice on a G1.

    Ok, 🙂 NO PROBLEM.

    We will just have to play a game once I’m done with one my current games (Djensen, TDJ, Canuck12).  Cool?

    That said, is it not FAIR of a player, to tune his strategy to his opponents capabilities and tactics?  For instance, no bid units were put in Karelia or Egypt? You would probably have put units there, denying the avenue of attack, so would have I.

    Yes, I will admit that the opener involved some gambles, (who’s risk was mitigated by opposing players skill level), and I trusted my GUT, and went in.  It paid off - Big deal. 🙂  You said you’d “never seen anyone attack Karelia and Egypt on G1.”  Now you have, and in a game that counts; Thus no matter what happens for the rest of your life, you’ve seen it, and I provided the oppurtunity for you.

    What’s un-impressive here, is your unwillingness to roll up your sleeves, and test yourself against a ridiculous gamble that paid off, and could have put any player in a situation of disadvantage before they have even moved a piece.

    Gambling is part of Axis and Allies, and there isn’t a player I’ve played on that hasn’t suffered from some of the more ridiculous risks I’ve taken, it’s how I play.  It’s too bad you don’t appreciate it 🙂

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Tell you what Gamerman01.

    I’ll take on another gamble, here’s my offer.

    You take over for the Axis using the save file from my TDJ game, you know - the one you’re afraid to play against, and I respond as the Allies.

    We’ll see who comes out on-top.

    You got game now?

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    You are so full of crap.
    You admit you gambled because you weren’t afraid of your opponent. This is why I said you should try it against me. I would gladly agree not to put bid units in Egypt.
    The whole point of making you start over, was to make you prove that you would try it against me.
    You say I’m “afraid” to start with a different game’s save file. Nothing more than a school-boy bully-boy tactic, to accuse someone of being afraid so that they will do what you wish. I don’t have time for you Gargantua, but I always have time to play a game of Axis and Allies to prove a point.
    One such point was an embarassment of Funcioneta, after he insisted it was a big “double error” to not attack Egypt and/or Yunnan on the first round. So I deliberately avoided both of those attacks and smashed him. He gave up in round 5.

    I went 12-1 in the league in 2011 and am playing for the championship for the year now.
    TDJ went 2-3 last year and dJensen is 1-4 this year. PGMatt beat you out of the tournament in 2011, and he ranks dead last in the 2011 league at 2-11. I’ve played him 3 times and every time he gave up between 5 and 10 rounds.  I really can’t imagine losing a game to him.

    Seems to me that you must suck really bad. Changed my mind - I don’t have time to play you even to prove a point.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    PGMatt beat you out of the tournament in 2011, and he ranks dead last in the 2011 league at 2-11. I’ve played him 3 times and every time he gave up between 5 and 10 rounds.  I really can’t imagine losing a game to him.

    Take a look at the game thread.

    I didn’t “lose” to PGmatt,  I was unable to post turns, due to personal time constraints, so I resigned.  Infact I don’t even think it went 2 turns.  I can dig up the URL if you like.

    I’ve seen you defeated by players I’ve crushed in real life (Eskimo Jack), you are no better a player than I or anyone else.  The only way to settle this is by grudge match.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Seems to me that you must suck really bad. Changed my mind - I don’t have time to play you even to prove a point.

    Seems to me you’re wrong.  LOL, ask anyone at who’s ever played me about what they think.  I’ve gone the distance with almost everyone who’s anyone here.  I guess now is our time.

    If I suck so bad, then what’s the problem finishing a fight that should be nothing for an “ace” like you?

    Drops the glove

    Straight up - I’m calling you out as a coward if you don’t accept. It’s nothing but LAME, if you hide this challenge out.

    Thus, via TripleA, pick your version, pick your bid (if applicable), And lets go!0  If not, then cork it, because you’ll have made it clear to everyone here that you don’t have what it takes, when it matters, over what matters most to us folk, Axis and Allies.

    You’re not unstoppable, I’ve watched you lose HARD; and I dare you to play someone who can beat you, and that person is me.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    Forgot about the situation with PGMatt - you’re right.  You should know - you played the game.

    Have never played “Eskimo Jack” nor heard of him, so something’s wrong there.

    Never said I don’t lose or that I’m dominant.
    I do know I win a lot (over 80% of the time), and obviously you resent that.

    Silly, because this all started with me saying I haven’t seen anyone attack Karelia and Egypt at the same time (a simple statement of fact).  You came along and said you had (another simple statement of fact).  But then you turned this into some kind of personal vendetta (no surprise, going by your rather random provocative statements that you like to make on this and that thread).

    Talk smack all you want - that’s all it is.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve “lost hard”.  Since you name “Eskimo Jack” who I’ve never heard of, I question whether you know what you’re talking about.

    Btw I don’t play TripleA.

    Drop all the gloves you want, but if you play me you will not get an easy win.
    Your best skill is your ability to incite others to reactions.

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    And your you-tube video is blocked in my country - Canadian  :lol:

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    :roll: I have nothing left to prove to myself or others on this site.
    I am too busy to play you right now because I’m playing in the final 4 of a tournament of 32 players, and also in the finals for the 2011 league championship, as the #1 seed.
    I’m also playing against 2 A&A friends in 2012 league play, and a local friend of mine, making 5 games total.
    I’m here to play for fun, not to prove to every blowhard who comes along that I can beat him.  I also don’t like to play hours and hours and hours of a game with someone who I don’t even like.

    I don’t know how skilled you are because I haven’t seen you play a game and I don’t know who you’ve played or how you’ve done.  And I don’t really care.  Everybody knows you get attention by saying outlandish things - in this case, calling me a coward.  There’s only one player I wouldn’t want to play because of his skill level, and it’s not you.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    There are players you wouldn’t want to play, because of their skill level?  Wow.  Alright. 😛

    Yea, drop me a line when you have time for a game, we can make it a league game - 2012, so that when either of us wins it, it matters.

    TripleA is a much more convenient method of play, specifically for me.  I know you like your game reports to show every move, Battlemap takes too much time to type all that up. In my opinion - It would be a faster, more enjoyable game if you tried it.

    But we can talk about all that when the time comes…

    Best of luck in the tourney!

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    Yes.  I much prefer playing players at or somewhat below my skill level.  I don’t like playing way below my skill level (no challenge, waste of time), and I don’t like playing above my skill level (war is more fun when you’re winning).  Got a problem with that?

    Last night I scanned over your G1 against TDJ.  It was extremely fortunate.  As I said before, it doesn’t prove anything to play anyone other than TDJ after G1, because you made your G1 moves knowing it was TDJ.  You have to prove you would try it against me.  If you get really lucky again, then so be it, I’ll just have to deal with it.

    No, sorry, I don’t play Triple A and I’m not going to put the time into figuring out which version to download and getting it working and learning all of its idiosyncracies just to play one game with you.  So it will have to be ABattlemap.

    Yes, I’m swamped right now (6 games) and it seems like half a year since I just voluntarily started a new game (most are tournaments, championships, and rematches).  But I think I can start this new one with you within a month or less.  Always interesting to play someone new, and interesting to play a themed game.

    Again, just to be clear, you’re going to give me a standard bid (say 10 or 11) and I will put it in a standard place but not Karelia or Egypt.  (Say a destroyer to 12, and 2 IPC’s to Russia or an infantry somewhere else, like India or something)  Then we’ll play however we want, but you will attack Karelia and Egypt on G1.  I also want it to be a league game 2012 so that it counts, and I’m glad you do too.

    And for the record, I only said I have never seen anyone attack Egypt and Karelia on G1 at the same time, implying that it was too risky, or reckless, or a bad strategy, or whatever.  And you came along and said that you had just recently done just that against TDJ (which you had) and succeeded.  And I said basically, that’s nice, but you did it knowing you had inferior competition.  Then you said if that’s the case, then take me on after G1 with that save file.  I said that’s ridiculous, because you made those moves knowing it was TDJ and not Gamerman01 across the table from you.  You called me a coward.  So then it’s game on.  :lol:

    This will be fun.  Heck go ahead and start it, just know that I might not be able to move frequently for a few weeks as I wrap up other games I’m tied up with.

    Sorry you don’t like ABattlemap typing.  It’s not a problem for me because I type really fast.  🙂

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Oh I type fast. 🙂

    I just don’t like to…

    I’ll PM you with planning details.

  • An unasked for observation I know, but Triple A is easier than battlemap.  Sure you gotta download the program and then get the corresponding map, but it’s all setup for you.  Finding opponents is really easy and you can get a game done in about 4 hours.  You really should try it Gamerman.

  • 2022 '15 '11 '10 Official Q&A Moderator

    Thanks, Jimmy

  • As this topic has fallen asleep, I want to discuss the allied bidding strategies in aa50-41, no tech, low-luck, bid: 13 IPC

    I - Russian fighter

    a) fighter on the western front, maybe on Caucasus to eventually kill the German transport in the med or to Karelia to make a German assault to expensive (high losing risk and forgoing too many other targets) and eventually killing the lone German transport (if the cruiser attacked the UK destroyer)

    The 3 IPC left can be used for any allied country, e.g. an infantry in Egypt

    b) fighter on the eastern front to Buryatia to kill the transport in SZ 62

    b1) With 3 IPC go to the US and buy an infantry on the Philippines, land the fighter there. 3 Inf + 1 Fighter is hard for Japan lacking one transport and having no shore bombardment
    b2) With the 3 IPC go to UK, e.g. Egypt, land in Yakut und go to the western front against Germany
    b3) With an infantry bid in Burma or India: land in Yunnan. Yes, this is a sacrifice, but 3 Inf + 2 Fighters just allow the Japanese to clear the country, but probably not conquer it. This will slow the Japanese very much in moving against India.

    II Anti-Manchuria

    Bid: 1 Inf to Buryatia and 1 tank to Soviet far east and one to Stanovoj C.

    attack Manchuria with 4 Inf + 2 Tanks - 2,5 units left is the expected result in low luck, means 2 tanks or 2 tank + 1 inf
    a hard punch against Japan but no bid for Africa/Europe

    III-UK fleet

    IIIa destroyer in SZ2

    While SZ 2 is still attractive, only 2 subs + fighter + bomber is a safe deal.
    Which means Germany has to sacrifice one fighter in SZ 12 for at least one battle round to secure the Italian fleet.

    IIIb destroyer in SZ12

    in SZ 12 the italien fleet is endangered severely so Germany must attack here.
    both attacks, SZ 2 with 1 sub+fighter+bomber and at the same time SZ12 with sub+2 fighter make both somewhat risky, probably losing a fighter for Germany too.

    the 5 IPC remaining will probably be a UK tank in Egypt or a Russian tank on the front against Germany

    IIIc a sub in SZ12 and a sub in SZ 35

    the one in SZ 12 is to threaten Italy, while the one in SZ 35 wants to harrass Japanese ships or lone transports

    Buying both at the same time is one option, the other is buy only of of those subs and some ground units

    IV - pro Russia

    buy any units for Russia for 13 IPC placing them on the front with Germany

    V pro UK

    buy any units for 13 IPC for UK, maybe to strengthen either India oder Egypt/Africa

    Have I missed some good allied bids ?

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