Looking for Axis ideas against my clan's new Allies campaign

  • I’m going to try out building some serious navy in the Med and see what happens. I think it will put a serious hurt on the allies landing efforts, I’m just worried about holding off a strong Russian play.

    Hehe, nice.  Just don’t go overboard with it, (haha naval combat overboard haha), if you’re worried about Russia.  I ended up building most of my naval units with 25ish ipc italy (sub fodder) and adding them to the stack each turn, and completely turtling with Germany, building around 15-16 inf a turn with the france IC.  Germany can only really afford one or two turns of naval/IC production before Russia starts getting scary.

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    Well, without a bid to the Allies the turtle strategy Lynxes described will win almost every time…the key is buying lots of inf with Germany/Italy and developing Japan as fast as possible (ie, get up to 7 transports, build inf for about 3 turns, then almost all armor, build factories J2 in Sumatra, J3 in Manch, J4 in India).  I’m not big on buying any Axis fleet in the Med unless USA is focused on Japan and not buying bombers for Europe–instead sneak a Jap carrier up there if possible.  How is UK buying a complex in Egypt early on…are you attacking Egypt?  Unless there is a bid to Egypt I’d hit it every game…otherwise Italy will never get its NO.  If you go with the turtle, once Italy gets its NO then the Allies shouldn’t be able to post a credible threat to France because Italy should be producing 6 land units a turn while Germany produces 13-16 a turn.  Sure, Allies will get Africa eventually but by then France should be totally stacked and Japan should be producing a massive wave of Hondas that will crush Moscow.

  • I agree, the Egypt IC doesn’t happen that often. I like to use the G bomber along with the two subs to get the BB instead of bringing the bomber down to Egypt. There have been a few times that Egypt survives G1 with the FT and AR and after reinforcing the two INF from Trans-Jordan (sometimes two INF from India, when a defiant/dumb Japan refuses to sack the navy there) survives I1.

    I’ve come to the same conclusion as you Zhukov44 that navy buys in the Med as germany is almost wasted money. I had some luck with building two CVs there in consecutive turns, but I also have been buying a FT with Germany every round. I’ll check out the mass INF turtle and see how that goes. With my crew’s standard US strategy of all Atlantic the extra navy ended up being easy IPC kills. With the two loaded CVs along with the Italian starting navy (most of my italy buys have been troops since I build a second TS and unload into Africa) I held off the Allies for 2-3 more turns landing into Africa or Europe. It’s an ever present threat having the 4 FT and usually 2-3 Bombers in Germany for the Allies navy. It really forces the US to build more heavy ships in the Atlantic to go with their copious TS or else the brits have to spend lots of extra cash to build a navy to beat it up. My crew hasn’t done it yet, but when playing AAA by my lonesome, a large sub buy as Britain did bad things for my CV fleet… especially when the brits got super subs…

    You really like the three industry buy as Japan? I’ve been digging on the Sumatra and India ICs but I’m not sold on Manchuria yet. It seems like I could use that 15 IPCs elsewhere better. Especially given my hard Japanese push for China and India. Along with the 6-7 TS I don’t think that third one is needed. I also am a proponent of moving hard for India on J2, and having that industry buy 1st turn takes away from my ability to take and hold India. Then those fraking 7 russian INF pose a serious threat. Everyone in the clan, including myself, like to leave the 7 INF in Buryatia as a stopper. Not that it will stop Japan for long, but you at least have to make an effort to take it out.

    I’ve been thinking about pushing the russian backdoor as hard as I’m doing to India, instead of india, but I just don’t see a large enough benefit in doing that. If I’m not going to get India I always get Australia on J2 so the Brits don’t get their NO. But using the Manchuria route into Russia isn’t worth a whole lot of IPCs, which maybe doesn’t matter given the obvious domination of China. But I also like the industry in India because it easily allows troop movement to Africa.

    So after playing several AAA games, my best strat has been this Germany turtle, take India J2 with sumatra IC, India IC J3, 2-3 Bombers J4 and then from J5 on I SBR Russia while moving troops in there. With that in mind, Germany only needs to survive through the 5th turn before the Russians start taking some heavy damage for the rest of the game. This worked well with the FT buys as germany and two CVs added to the Med to hold off the allies for a couple more turns, bringing me to T5, T6 threshold before any serious non-russian threat to Germany. Again I’ll try the heavy INF instead of buying the CVs and see if that works as well/better.

  • Don’t forget the Japanese help either in the Med with a carrier (or two?) or strictly defensive ftrs in Europe.  Really can help slow the allies alot.

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    If you take India early and build there then I could see forgoing the Manchuria IC.  I typically need the Sumatra one right away to maximize production since I’m buying lots of inf early (assuming KGF of course).  Then I need another one–so if I can secure India by then that’s great but otherwise its Manch (ie I generally give more priority to getting as many men as I can off Japan and denying the USA its Pacific NO than I do India in the first turns–this may be a mistake I’m not sure yet).  But with NOs Japan’s income can eventually justify another mainland factory and Manch is a pretty good place for a tank factory feeding tanks through China.

  • Yeah, when I take India on J2 I don’t necessarily need one right away in Manchuria. The last few games I’ve been buying 2TS and an INF on J1 so I end up having enough guys right away. I have usually been using those two transports to bring 4 guys to the Philippines to take that NO. That way I still have the 6-8 men to bring into India making it a guaranteed take. You’re right though, with the income that Japan makes with NOs a third IC can be useful. Especially if the US builds in the Pacific. With a couple bombers in Hawaii TS in the sea of japan aren’t safe alone. Without those bombers there though a few TS can stay there without trouble, alleviating the need of an IC there. If we’re really pushing for a third IC I’m thinking FIC would be the better place than Manchuria. You can still make the 3AM a turn to move to china and there isn’t any threat of the Russians making problems on the first few turns. Also after China is conquered by J4 for sure that IC is close enough to build troops for the Russian offensive, especially with the aforementioned 6-7 TS that Japan has. They definitely have the pre-made transport capability if you want to get those troops to a closer position quicker.

    I can see bringing FT over to Europe but I can only justify bringing the navy in there if the US is completely ignoring the pacific. Otherwise those are really needed to guard the islands. Lately the clan has been doing some Pacific builds, seeing how awful the war goes completely ignoring the Pacific and my newish Japan strat…

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    If the US has moved all their Navy out of the Pacific, Take Midway, and Wake J2 and Hawaii J3, to deprive him of his NO and the 1IPC for Hawaii.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, but done early it has a huge cummulative effect.  Deprive UK of their NO as soon as possible also, Australia is the best for this, because there is almost no chance for them to retake it.

  • I agree with a J1 IC build in manchuria.then kiangsu if there is no factory in india.if india is left alone then i go ahead with FIC IC.then an indian IC,.I like to switch japan from a transport army to a land-based army ASAP.then the trannys just pump soilders into africa.

  • I find a KGF strategy really puts the damper on things against the Germans. A shuck across from East CAN to France works really nice as well, you only need about 10 trans to reach max shipping, since its a 2way push, with land units legging it to Canada to load the trans and head across, no 3way transport system.(I go with a “load” buying system buying loaded transports per turn till max prod is reached: 1 inf,1 tank, 1trans = 15 IPC) Britain has to focus ALL on aiding Russia. Build a fleet capable of defending the American transports. (41 IPC = 2CV + 1 Fig) and get American fig land on remaining space. Throw rest of fleet there, and ignore the Italians. Bomb the *&#@ out of Italy, and make the Germans pay for their factory in France as soon as possible. If they are turtling like most ppl say, then Russia needs to take their territories back ASAP top priority. A 6 tank build works beautifully 1st turn, followed by inf/art build = 28 IPC 4 inf/4art. With Italy not building anything, and a shuck that’s full blast by US turn 3, Germany will scarse have the income to match. (30 IPC max, w/o NO)
    that’s only 10 inf a turn!!!

    I’d like to handle this force :P

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    Let the Italians Hold France, and Keep Germany in a Position to fight Russia and be able to push the Allies off of France if Italy Fails to Hold.  Italy, if they lose france should be able to Weaken the Invasion forces enough to the opoint where GE can easily take it back without spending to much of their Resources on it. Then Keep pusshing the Italians back In for the Defence

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