• I’ve tried to install ABattlemap on my iMac a couple of times. The compressed file will not open. Am I doing something wrong, or does ABattlemap only work on PC’s?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Does your mac support ZIP files?

    It should work.  Most Apple Computers (which Macs are) run on flavors of DOS/Windows now.

  • I have been able to “unzip” zip files before. The download is an .exe file, so I’m assuming its a self-executing zip file.

    As far as DOS/Win programs running on a Mac, that requires some additional software. Basically, you have to run a dual-boot system with both the Mac and PC operating systems.

    So does that mean that ABattlemap will only run in a windows environment?


  • Update to previous….

    Got the zip file to open. It was apparently a “flavor” of compressed file that was not recognized by my unzip program. Fixed that problem.

    Still can’t get it to launch. So far I haven’t found any documentation regarding ABattlemap on Mac’s. I’m not a computer geek, but it looks like it may be a Windows only program.

    Anyone know for sure?


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    Okay, first off, this is not a program you “install.”  There’s no install wizard, no loading time, nothing.  You put it in the C:\Programs directory in it’s own folder and then create a shortcut wherever you want it to “launch” it.

    That may be an issue you are having.

    Secondly, you will have to open the program, then go to File>Open to get the map you want.  Some systems let you open directly by double clicking the map, most systems make you open the map from inside the program.  Dunno why. (My system used to be the former, now it is the latter, again, I don’t know why.)

    Lastly, I have no idea if it works in Linux, Unix or OS.  Considering all three operating systems are almost unknown to the majority of the world and Windows ships on every box including apple boxes now, I don’t know if anyone knows if it can run on those operating systems.  I’m not saying any OS is better than the other, just that most people don’t even know that operating systems other than windows exists! (Which is why people want to Sue Bill Gates for a monopoly when he does not have one, literally does not…technically maybe, literally no.)

    Final thought:  Abattlemap is dos based.  That’s right, DOS, remember that one?  Disk Operating System?  It’s been 30 years, but that’s the foundation of the program.  Windows, of course, can run just about any DOS program without issue.  I assume Unix, Linux and OS can as well, but you might need a shell to put it in.

  • Ah, I think I see the problem…

    As I understand it, Windows is a graphical user interface (GUI) that runs “on top” of DOS, while the Mac OS is a GUI runs on top of UNIX. If ABattlemap is a DOS program, then it wouldn’t normally open in a Mac environment.

    Yes, you can set up a Mac to run Windows, but that is sort of like putting regular unleaded in a high performance sports car. It will work, but not without some issues. That ultimately may be the way I will have to go, but it would be nice if the program was platform independent like TripleA.

    As an alternative,maybe I’ll just dust off one of my old PC’s and see if it can run ABattlemap.

    Thanks for the info.


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    Well, we’ll have to disagree on that, because I view Operating Systems like UNIX kind of like going to the scrap yard and assembling your car from parts you find there where Windows is like going to the dealer and buying a new one with a warranty.’

    However, Windows does not run on top of DOS.  The last time Windows Ran on top of DOS was Windows 95 alpha.  Since Windows 95 beta (not to be confused with beta software, just the second release of Windows 95 with Active Desktop) it was a stand alone program that runs DOS like any other program.

    Basically, DOS runs in a virtual computer now, if it crashes, it only crashes that “window” or virtual computer.  If you can get a dos program to run on top of UNIX/LINUX or OS (which might not be possible considering their inferior status, and yes that’s just poking fun at you in jest, not in seriousness) then you should be able to get battlemap to run just fine.

  • @Cmdr:

    Well, we’ll have to disagree on that, because I view Operating Systems like UNIX kind of like going to the scrap yard and assembling your car from parts you find there where Windows is like going to the dealer and buying a new one with a warranty.’

    yeah, we’ll have to disagree.  I think you may be confusing linux with unix.  Linux is an open source system that is constantly diverging from different authors to keep it simple, so that would be most like the scrap yard, save that the scrap yard here is some of the nicest parts you can get and when building with it you are generally already a proficient machinist.

    in simple terms…
    DOS is a stable system.  Unix is a stable system.  Windows is very very very very very much not a stable system that has run on top of and utilized DOS to work.  And I believe that you mean that it emulates DOS in a virtual computer. The Mac runs inside Unix and the windows run ontop of DOS is an easy way to see the differences.
    Macs, until the Intel chip were able to emulate the Windows/DOS environment, but with the new chipsets can now actually run Windows better than PCs, crazy world.

    and just for the record, Macs, do not, and probably never will, ship with Windows installed or even a Windows/Microsoft sticker on them or the box.  3rd party resellers do not count.

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    Dunno if it is third party sellers, but I read in the (and yes I know, it’s a layman’s journal) PC Magazine a couple of years ago that Apple was shipping all models standard with Windows, but you could pay extra for the old Apple OS.

    Anyway, Windows is actually very stable.  It’s the big kid on the block, so everyone with a bone to pick attempts to attack Windows, so there are more viruses for Windows now, but that’s not really an unstable program, it’s a faulty user who can’t figure out how to protect his or her machine. (And I’ve fixed quite a lot of windows machines and mac machines for that matter, but the Mac Machines are almost always problems with the hardware breaking, while Windows is usually a matter of running Norton, McAfee or Kapersky and fixing it in a matter of seconds without needing a replacement part.)

    Just the way I, as an ex-field service technician with over 10 years experience, have seen it.  I stopped free lancing as a FST a couple of years ago, about the time the market forecasts were showing major drops (around Jan, 2007).  So maybe things have changed a bit.

  • a couple years ago they weren’t using Intel chips in macs, and could only emulate windows with programs like softwindows on the mac.  No offense, but I believe you are remembering an article where they were talking about seeing a time in the future where they would or could package macs with windows.  That just has never happened.  You can buy microsoft office for mac, and yes, from the mac store, but it doesn’t come preloaded, nor has it and that is not the operating system.
      What may happen is the other way around, that mac may release it’s operating system for windows machines and you would use that instead, like sun micro has tried to do.  that’s another conversation though.

    the problem with windows is not a user not knowing how to keep their machine safe, it’s not their job to fix the holes that are left open by short-sited or sloppy programers.  too often windows users create additional problems, yes, but there are far too many problems that come with windows, xp, 2000, me, nt, vista, you name it.

    hardware breaks on both, the mac v windows controversy is more on the software side.

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    There is no “sloppy” programmers when it comes to windows.  It’s a matter of every hacker realizing the way to make a name for themselves and getting a lucrative technology security gig is to hack windows.  So you have millions of hackers working against a couple, few dozen programmers.

    No one hacks macs because the OS is easy to crack, no one (at least no significant portion of the population) has them, and thus, a virus that infects the world of Macs isn’t going to create enough of a disturbance to give the hacker responsible the street cred needed to get the 6 figure salary tech security job.

    Also, you mentioned Microsoft Office on Macs.  You’re aware that Office is not Windows, right?  Windows is the nifty, jazzed up, DOS program that’s been beautified for the masses, office is a set of programs used to create spreadsheets, email, webpages, landscapes, documents, databases, etc.

    Also, the apple/mac store website, at least tonight, is offering Windows Vista as a standard OS, extra $130 if you want Leopard, or, Mac OS X for $499 more on a Mac Tower system. (Mac Pro)

    I’m on the AAFES website which offers me a standard 10% discount on a system.  The system I configured (using Windows and Office instead of the Apple Equivalents, which were significantly more money) that is roughly the equivalent of my HP Laptop that’s two and a half years old costs:


    * Ships: 6-8 weeks
        * Free Shipping
        * Next business day delivery available
        * Click “Update Details” to reflect changes to system price and shipping.

    Get it as low as $420.00 per month with a Juniper Visa Card.

    That’s with the 10% discount!

    My laptop, for the record, was less than $2000 fully loaded, with the same software I configured for the mac, with slightly less processing power and half the ram.  Now, obviously, increasing the processor and ram to today’s standards would increase the cost a bit, but then again, it’s not going to increase the cost by $16,000!

    Dunno, just seems kinda weird that it was so bloody expensive!  You have to wonder, if Mac would drop their prices into the reasonable range, stop flaming Microsoft in their commercials, would their market share increase to a more significant number?

  • LOL

    so let me get this straight here cause there’s so much info here to correlate…

    #1–hackers don’t attack macs because it’s too easy but the windows programers are so smart that they don’t leave holes, they just don’t anticipate what hackers will do because it gets hackers jobs, and after all, sometime soon the windows programmers may need a new job themselves.

    so I suppose that muggers don’t pick easy marks, bank robbers always aim for the Federal Reserve or the newest bank with most up-to-date security and burglars always pick the house with the ADT sign because anything less wouldn’t give them proper street credit?

    #2–Just what is windows again?  I believe you said:

    Windows is the nifty, jazzed up, DOS program that’s been beautified for the masses,


    However, Windows does not run on top of DOS.

    hmmm…  do you read this stuff before you post?

    #3  I’d love to know where you are on the mac store to buy vista, cause baby, I’m there too and I don’t see a thing.  In fact, on the FAQ page, about windows it says:
    “Yes. In addition to Microsoft Office, most popular applications are available for the Mac, too. But if you want to use a particular Windows-only application and you have a copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista, you have a few options:”

    –if you have a copy.  I’m pretty sure that if they sold it, there’d be a link or a statement that you can include windows on your mac.
    here’s the link:

    #4-  what the heck are you doing looking at the AAFES store when the argument was the mac store, i quote,

    and just for the record, Macs, do not, and probably never will, ship with Windows installed or even a Windows/Microsoft sticker on them or the box.  3rd party resellers do not count.

    -i don’t know why you are comparing a tower to a laptop, you imply you looked at the mac pro.  am I supposed to believe that your 2 1/2 year old HP was a Intel Eight-Core that cost $2000 dollars?  Really, they only released the Quad-Core in 2006, ie 2 1/2 years ago.


    hmmm, how could something from then cost that much less than today?  Economy isn’t that screwed up, yet.  interesting.  and by the way, the 2006 model was only 1.66ghz, where the mac pro you looked at was 2.93ghz or didn’t you pick the high-end to hit $18 grand?  (even the entry level is 2.26) doesn’t matter if it was less than yours on processor power, it would actually run windows better than your hp does.

    On a side note, upgrade discs at storefronts, even bestbuy cost $130 for vista UPGRADE, double that for new.  (psst, that’s $260)

    I’m guessing the reason it’s so bloody expensive is that you went to the AAFES instead of the manufacturer, I maxed out everything on the apple website and hit 18 grand for the 8-core mac pro with 32gb of ram and just passed 18 grand, with every sniveling add-on they had.  does your HP have every add-on, including the ones released since 2 1/2 years ago?  i’m guessing not, so maybe you should not try and compare the two.  And I am sorry that the AAFES is apparently ripping off the armed forces, but being the government and all I guess they figure they can hose the troops abit more eh.  they are a 3rd party reseller after all.

  • Per the original topic.

    abattlemap, the version (.79) i’ve found linked from here, daak, flamesofeurope or where-ever else on the net, can run on a Mac with the following conditions:

    1. you have a mac with an intel chipset and have parallels, vmware, soft-windows, crossover or similar (windows emulation programs).  Switch on this program and run abattlemap.
    2. you have a mac (again intel chip) you have set to dual boot with windows.  start up with windows, and run abattlemap.

    –simple way to tell if a program with start in osx–the file extension.  if it’s an .exe, then you have a program designed to install or start in windows.

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    Uh, LuckyDay, before attempting to post a couple of quotes in an effort to make someone look bad, perhaps you should read them first?

    Quote 1:  Windows is the nefty, jazzed up, DOS program.

    Quote 2: Windows does not run on top of DOS.

    Those do not contradict.  Windows does not run on top of DOS, Windows is DOS therefore it cannot run on top of itself.

    Dunno about your mac store, mine offers the option to downgrade to a different OS or remain with Windows Vista.

    Why I was comparing a tower iwth a laptop is because I own a laptop for my main PC and my Mac Store did not offer a laptop that you could customize.  Further, the POS laptop they had there was less powerful than my 3 year old HP.  The Tower I could upgrade to be as powerful, but the price was over 18 grand!

    BTW, AAFES is the miltary store, everything is cheaper there.  For one, you get a military discount at most manufacturers, plus, everything is tax exempt, generally there’s no shipping costs, etc.  Apple actually gives all of those prices and yet, were still massively over priced!

    And lastly, you are incorrect in your twisting of what I said about hackers.

    What I said, for the record, is that hackers chose to hack Windows because it’s a more prolific operating system in the world.  Therefore, a hack there is more likely to garner media attention.  Media attention = resume building to get a security job that pays six figures.

    Hacking a mac is like stealing a 1980’s volvo.  It’s possible, but it’s also not going to make the 10 o’clock news.

    As for either set of programmers being smarter than the other, I did not say that.  The only thing I said is one has more market share than the other.  If Mac’s OS had the market share that Microsoft has and Microsoft as much as Mac, then it would be Mac’s that would be attacked regularly.

    And of course, the system that is attacked more, has more holes made visible which means that it gets patched more often making it more secure.

  • ya know Jen,

    I joined this topic to help with info on abattlemap for mac.  you don’t use macs, so you are not an authority on them and hence, not able to really help.  you tried, that’s great and i’m sure it’s appreciated all around.

    I’ve been around this site for a couple years now and have come to understand how you work, the case is clearly seen over and over again in your writing.  Seems only fitting (being what this site is about) that you remind me of any of the European leaders who have decided to invade Russia.  It was doomed from the start, but they just kept going.

    Even in the face of overwhelming evidence and rational thought you will continue on your course and argue something or anything; not until someone agrees with you, but until someone gets tired of arguing with you and gives in.  I won’t begin to psycho-analyze you here, not my job here afterall.  Fact is that I’m not giving up arguing with you, but I have overwhelmingly proved my point, and shall prove it again because you no doubt will argue this too, but I have no further need to state any case about this.

    So I have helped, left the info on the last post and now I move to more important topics.  Arguing isn’t important to me, maybe to you, but not to me.  You are welcome to have your opinions, and good for you.  But personally, I have pity for you and your need to argue and pump yourself up.  You hijack this thread which is supposed to be helpful to mac players and yet you have NO understanding of what macs are or how they work and yet argue about what they could do with programs on a mac.  You are just asking for a fight.

    you may be a good AA player, and may have good ideas about alot of the games, but just like so many leaders before you don’t know how to pick your battles well and don’t know when to get out of them.

    I’d say good day to you to close this, but honestly, we all know that you will have something negative to say about it, and you need to understand that your displacing your hurt onto others will keep it from being a good day.  You are only bringing it back on yourself in a circle.  And you know that you will want to argue this to which you have to realize only reaffirms the problem.  You have my pity, and I’ll say good-day anyhow.

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    I used to use macs.  They were frustrating.  Some people like them.  That’s fine.  Some people like self-fladulation too.  Some people like Rocky-Road Ice Cream.  On both accounts, I do not like them.

    As for ability to pick battles, you were the one attempting to make someone look stupid by picking out two quotes that exactly compliment each other and attempting to show a contradiction.  Not my fault you chose poorly.  Perhaps you’re the European leader who understands the basics of combat but who chooses the wrong target?

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