• Ok, here is a game i have been expiramenting w/. I dont’ have all the initial placement but here are the forces:

    USA: -Sinkang

    USSR: +East Europe
    +Ukrane SSR
    +East Germany (rule I will explain later)

    NATO (Former Germany): -East Europe
    -Ukrane SSR
    +West Germany
    +Turkey (2IPCs)
    *Capital in West Europe

    SPATO South Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization (Former Japan):
    *Capital in China

    Minor Alliances Opec/OAS/UAN/Oceana (Former UK):
    +Venevuala (1IPC)
    +Argentina (1IPC)
    -Canadas (now neutral)
    *Brazil is OAS Capital
    *South Africa is capital of UAN
    *Australia is capital of Oceania

    Special Rules: East Germany - A soviet control marker is placed in the upper right corner of Germany. The Terriotory of Germany is West Germany and is concidered NATO for placing and liberating purposes. However, as long as the Soviet chip is there, the USSR recives 3 of the 10 IPCs for Germany. This represents East Germany. If the Soviets deside to attack West Germany or Nato attacks East Germany, the Soviet units from East Europe are chosen by the Soviet player and used to defend or attack. If both EEurope and EGermany are attacked, the Soviet player may split his forces to defend both or all defend EEurope. He may not chose to all defend EGermany because if EEurope falls so does EGermany. Once East or West Germany falls, Germany is one territory worth 10 for the rest of the game regardless of who takes it or retakes it. Unified Germany is a NATO home country.

    Minor Tributes - Sence many of the minor nations played by player 5 (minor alliances) belong to many of the Larger alliances, the minor powers may pay any amount of IPCs to any larger nation on phase one (delcaring).

    Seperate Capitals (for minor nations) - Sence the alliances of the minor powers have separate capitals (Brazil, South Africa, and Austraila) these are treated as 3 seperate capitals. If one is taken, 1/3 of the money owned by the minor player is given to the occupier (round up), everything else functions normally. Only if all 3 capitals are taken is the minor player defeated.

    Nuclear technology - (ICBMS) industrial tech, rockets, and jet power are needed for this tech. Launch from one of your AA guns w/ a range of 3. Pay 5 IPCs. The terriory hit loses all units and becomes neutral for one turn, untill rejoing the former alliance or power it was in. The owner of the terriotry suffers a SBR w/ 5 dice.
    (Nuclear subs) industrial tech, rockets, jet power, and super subs are needed for this tech. Launch from one of your subs with a range of 4. Pay 15 IPCs. The territory hit losses the any ICs on it, along with all units. Territory remains in power’s hands and retains value.
    (Sudo-Nuclear weapon) All techs are needed for this tech. Run an SBR. Pay 17 IPCs. Everything on the territory is lost. The territories value is now 0 and is neutral/impassable. If it was a capital, the player was was bombed losses all IPCs and picks a new capital (unless minor). Roll D6. If a 6 is rolled, the bomber conducting the SBR is lost. The player being bombed losses 8 dice in an SBR.

  • Canada is neutrel?

  • Canada is neutral simply becuase giving it to NATO makes NATO stronger then the US, and that wont work. Keeping it minor makes them too strong, so they are neutral for gamesake purposes.

    Did your signature quote really happen? That’s scary…

  • well Canada was pretty strong

    and for the quote I found it in the New York best-seller “stupid white men” by micheal moore

  • Anyone else got an ideas for this? Also, what about making Canada a US territory. I know they wern’t US, but they were great allies with the US and, if asked, would prolly do anything for them and vice versa. Plus it gives the US a bost in IPC and the US and USSR are supposed to be the strongest.

  • that sounds okay, we could just take over those canadian losers whenever we wanted anyway, so it could work. j/k j/k

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