• Hi,
    Assume this,
    The Kriegsmarine is in The Baltic.
    Germany purchased an AC on Ger01.
    Russia blocked the Germans with the sub in seazone 6.
    Uk has transports in seazone 2 .
    Luftwaffe is in W.Europe.
    Is it a legal move to attack the UK navy in seazone 2 with 2FTR from
    At the same time Germany attacks the lone Russian sub with air
    FTR to land on AC which moves to seazone 3 in non combat .

    AS the attack on the sub will succeed or it will submerge seazone 6 will always be free for the AC to move to SZ3 where the FTR can land on it.

    My opponent says this is illegal because you cannot play this with Triple A.

    Thanks for clearing this up.

  • It is a legal move.

    Even if there were a hundred Battleships blocking in SZ6 and if Germany sent only 1 Submarine against that fleet, it is still POSSIBLE for Germany to be able to win the fight allowing the AC to move to SZ3 to recover the FIGs sent to SZ2.

    Germany does have to declare their INTENTION during COMBAT MOVEMENT phase of their plan to send the AC to SZ3 in NCM.

    If the FIGs die in the attack, the AC does not then HAVE to move.
    If the SZ6 battle goes against Germany and the AC cannot move any surviving FIGs from the SZ2 battle die.

    There are several previous threads on this very matter.

  • @bob:

    At the same time Germany attacks the lone Russian sub with air

    How can he attack the sub with aircraft without a destroyer present?  Or is this a case of the Axis can do what they like, but the Allies have to play by the rules?

  • In revised it is normal  (in OOB and LHTR) that aircraft may attack sub without needing a DD.

    Axis players and Allies player follow the same rules.

  • I have been playing it the same way the A&A Pacific and Europe does, and that means that a destroyer must be present.  Since a sub cannot fire at aircraft, it makes hunting subs too easy.

  • Yes it is. For this reason also in Revised there is not any battle for the control of the Atlantic. German sub are simply destroyed as they are built by the UK aircrafts, without fear of shooting back by the subs. If a sub survive the attack from the UK aircrafts there is still the USA turn that may be used to “complete the work” before the sub may have a chance to move or to do something of interesting.
    Also I found the rule for Europe and Pacific more interesting from a gaming point of view.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Which is not to say that building a German submarine may not pay off.

    For instance, let’s pretend that England has Combined Arms and a large mass of destroyers.  A solitary German submarine would deny every last destroyer and battleship from using their off shore bombardment privileges from SZ 5/SZ 14 which can save you large sums of money in potentially lost infantry.

    For arguments sake, let’s pretend that England has 1 Battleship (left over from the first round of the game) + 7 Destroyers in SZ 5 + 1 Transport in SZ 5.  That is a potential loss of 4 Infantry to Germany (25 punch / 6 = 4) it could be as bad as 8 infantry lost, or as good as none.

    4 Infantry = 12 IPC worth of units and lost potential of having them already on the board.
    1 Submarine = 8 IPC worth of units

    It seems logical that the submarine would be the better choice, even though there is almost no chance it will survive to be used by Germany.

  • Identical result may be obtained by a transport, spending the same money. Sure, sub has more chance of the transport to win the battle against the UK Fleet, however we are not buying it for winning the battle but only for dying at the hand of the enemy fleet saving precious infantry.

    Furthermore no one said that German sub are useless.We were not discussing the utility of submarines. We said only that it is too easy to kill them with aircrafts without having the possibility to shooting back. Sic et simpliciter.

    I have only said that a sub may die with an air attack without having the possibility of other operations. Even this is not useless, the UK and USA aircrafts are required to attack the subs and can not support elsewhere. However this is a higly expensive way of distracting enemy aircrafts…

  • Straying off topic…

  • @ncscswitch:

    Straying off topic…

    This is from another thread.  This is on topic?




    What are some various ways to promote fighting in the Pacific?

    The Axis and Allies Revised Pacific Theater Drinking Game, of course.

    Hey, I am a bachelor next weekend (Angel will be away Friday to Sunday for a bridal shower).  Sned me the rules for that drinking game variant!  And hey… anyone close enough to Raleigh for an FTF drinking game next weekend?  Free booze and a place to crash…

  • No it is not.

    But the current turn the discussion is taking WOULD be a very good thread to have going if properly identified.

    My post was to encourage taking that very positive discussion to a new thread where it would be appropriate, and far more widely read.

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