What is a Bid?

  • I see the term Bid being used all the time on this forum. Can someone explain what this means?


  • Bid is the ammount of ipc granted for the player of the axis who can buy some units to place at the board before R1, in order to balance the game. It is considered to be in favour of the allies. The bid can be split between Germany and Japan. Any points not spend will be added to the counries starting ipc.

    Both player make an offer like:

    “I bet I can win as the axis with X ipc.”

    The one with the lesser offer wins and gets to play the axis.

    The bid can be detemined in an open or hidden auction. In the later form both player make a hidden bet (like on frood.net) and then it will be determined who is the winner.

    In the first way one player starts (determined by luck) by making an offer, then player B responds by bidding lower (or not) and now player A once again has the chance to bid even lower. This continiues until one player won’t bid lower than his opponent because he thinks he can’t win with less (or because he thinks he can beat the axis if they have only X’ ipc). This player then gets the allies.

    There are diffrent ways to handle the placement of the bid units on the board or even the ammount of ipc from the bid you can spend on units. On this board you can spend all ipc and place the units in any territory where the coresponding country already has units in.

    If you want to have an overview of how much the players bid you can take a look in the league or tourney section of the board b/c the bid is mentioned in the topic of these games or you can search for a topic here in the revised forum concerning bids (there has been a discussion in the recently past). I think the average at the moment is a bid of 9 ipc for the axis.

  • “How may I do thy bidding my Master?”

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