• Well, first of all i would like to say that i am writing this as a totally unpolitical topic, if the mods find politics in it, i will delete the post myself


    Today, ok yesterday my time( its 0:19 here ) but still today your time, is 16 years from the fall of our Croatian city of Vukovar…
    if you go to Wikipedia you can find it on … has happened on todays day

    i will not try to speak you much about my history, or someting…

    but i would just like you to read something… after all we´ve been through, you in USA/Canada me in Croatia, after all the horrors the world is at war like has been never before

    Africa, Africa, Africa…Iraq, Afganistan, Civil wars, rebel wars, fights all over…

    maybe i sound here like i am on ˝a mision to save the world˝

    its just, we all sometimes loose faith, somehow curse it all, and start be suspicious on Love…

    i know listening to this cant be as its to me, since i am a Croat, but altough i am ( as my friends would say, or you would ) true nationalist, and conservative, i still see the sufferness of Africans, Pakistanis, Čečens, Koreans as my own,

    we think we are so smart, and after all that happened, we just show how stupid we are

    NO More war! Never! Never again! How many times did we hear that? A million, and its seems like with every rallyrcy of that the things go worse…


    ˝From all the troubles he created himself,
    from all the catastrophies he provoked on his own,
    man will rise as a being
    with thousand stars,
    which shine upon any night.

    Lifeviews can dissappear.
    Cultures can collapse.
    Space ship˝Earth˝ with its human crew,
    with this tiny creature ˝human˝,
    will survive.
    The creation is far away from its end.
    We wont be in the seventh day for a long time…˝

    A Story about the City
    I refrain from searching for all justice, truth, I refrain from attempts to let ideals arrange my personal life, I refrain from everything that until yesterday I considered essential for some good beginning or good end. I would possibly refrain from myself, but I cannot. Because who will remain if we renounce ourselves and flee into our fears. Who will inherit the city? Who will watch it for me, when I am gone, while I am searching in the trash heaps of the human spirit, while I am as it is alone, staggering without myself, wounded, tired, feverish, while my eyes begin to wax before my personal defeat.

    Who will watch my city, my friends, who will carry Vukovar from the dark? There aren’t shoulders stronger than mine or yours, and therefore if it isn’t too much for you, if there still remains in you a youthful whisper, join us. Somebody has touched my parks, the benches that still have your names carved into them, that shadow that you gave it at the same moment, and received your first kiss - somebody has simply stolen it all, because how do you explain that not even a Shadow remains? There isn’t that store window in which you admired your personal joys, there isn’t that movie theater in which you saw the saddest film, your past has been simply decimated and you have nothing. You must build anew. First your roots, your past, and then your present, and then if you still have the strength, invest in the future. Do not be alone in the future. Do not worry about the city, it has been with you all this time. Only hidden. So that the murderer cannot find it. The city - it is you.

    Sinisa Glavasevic

    Sinisa Glavasevic was a Croatian journalist, writer and poet, who worked in radio. He graduated in Comparative Literature from the University of Sarajevo and obtained the diploma of librarian. On returning to Vukovar, his native city, he became director of Croatian Radio. During the siege of Vukovar he gave round-the- clock reports on the situation of the civilian population, read children’s stories and gave descriptions of the city as it had been before the siege. He was executed without trial in 1991 by the Yugoslavian National Army Forces and Serbian paramilitary groups.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Have fun saving the world

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