Hypothetical German 1 Move

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    England wanted to stop the fleet from being a nuisance, so I did so with as much power as I could.

    Remember, on UK 1 with 1 Transport, England would be 1 Battleship, 2 Infantry vs 5 Infantry in Karelia.  Not promising.  And with the SZ 7 fleet and fighters, the fleet in SZ 3 or 6 would have been destroyed without massive naval purchases.

    The Transport in SZ 8 is there to get the units from E. Canada.

    I agree, I think 4 fighters for 2 rounds with America coupled with landings in Africa could be a significant defense.  problem is, the American fighters move after Germany, so Russia cannot win, land American fighters, and hold. 😞

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    SZ 2 was a bad choice because you cannot both get the units off E. Canada and land them in Algeria.

    Enigma says you can move the units up to their maximum NCM moves. It’s treated as a NCM before Germany’s combat begins.  At least the way I read it in 1.3.

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    By the way Jenn, why didn’t you liberate Caucasus with the british? You’re playing 9VC, right?!

    And by the way,
    don’t focus too much in Operation Torch (Kesselring expects it…),
    next round you should need to provide substantial help to Russia to prevent Moscow from falling.

    Because I liberated it with the Russians.  I used the British to lock the Japanese out of India. (4 Infantry, Armor.  he still got it, but he lost 3 infantry and a fighter for it.)

    Meanwhile, his Japanese fleets are hopelessly spread apart facing a strong English and a strong American fleet.

    Coupled with the IC in Sinkiang, hoping to push him off the mainland and take his islands while Russia and England focus on Infantry for Moscow.

  • please continue to post the game maps.

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    have you played (successfully) this allied strategy against this German opening?

    I’ve never seen this German 1 move!

    Anyway, he’s got 14 tanks on Moscow’s border.

    I’m going to put the Americans in W. Europe I think, maybe S. Europe.  Don’t know yet.  Maybe Norway.  As I just said, don’t know yet.

    Here are Russia, Germany and England round 2’s since you requested map updates.  I don’t have the others, but since it’s only round 2, and Japan and America havn’t had a round 2 yet, I think you can figure out what happened.

    Anyway, I got pretty hosed in W. Russia.  Just hoping I can get enough firepower in Russia to hold the Germans off another round and force him to consider pulling back to protect Berlin.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    If Japan attacks Sinkiang, Russia gets +4 units under their idea of the NA.  (non-Aggression) so they’re in there to prevent America from losing the IC and then allowing America to come help from Sink.  Same with the guys in Bury.  They go up to 10 if attacked.

    Anyway, no idea.  Hoping I can get enough firepower to Moscow to hold hte Germans off until I can push back.

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    He lost those planes in Round 1 to the AA Gun in W. Russia

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    The opponent isn’t from these boards.

    He lost fighters to AA Guns again.  He’s not doing well against Russian AA Guns, and I retook both of them last round. 😃

    Anyway, 14 Armor against 20ish Infantry is not going to be fun to watch.

    My debate, currently, is if I should strafe W. Russia or not.  5 Inf, 5 Arm if I can get out without taking it, could help.  The flags were wrong for Russia, they have 24 IPC, so at least I can make 8 more infantry.

    If he goes all out on G3 against Russia, and I get no hits, he has a 75% chance to clear it and have 2 bombers and a 3 fighters and an Armor left.

    if I strafe W. Russia I should lose 8 Infantry and he loses 5 infantry, 3 armor.

    That means I’ll ahve 9 Infantry, 3 Armor, 4 Fighters to defend against 11 Armor, 3 Fighters and 2 Bombers.

    And then he’ll have a 62% chance of clearing Russia, but not taking it. (Assuming all AA Guns for my attack and his attack miss, anyway.)

    Damned no matter which way I go.

    The other option is to somehow get both Caucasus and W. Russia with Russian forces and block those 9 armor for one more turn.

    If I go Inf/Arm to Caucasus and 8 Inf, 2 Arm, 2 Fig to W. Russia I might be able to do it.  I only have about a 40.40% chance of taking W. Russia though, and that’s if the AA Gun misses.

    Okay, think I have it figured out.

    OOL for Russia: Bomber, Infantry, Armor, Fighters.  That gives me a 62% chance to win against everything Germany can bring to bear.

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    1 Inf left in Sink in case he attacks, that way it qualifies for 4 free infantry

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • @Jennifer:


    1 Inf left in Sink in case he attacks, that way it qualifies for 4 free infantry

    The United States has “Colonial Garrison” National Advantage?  I thought that was UK only…

    Or are you talking non-aggression treaty?  If so, doesn’t that only apply to original yellow territories?

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Non-Aggression.  If any Russian units are attacked, they get 4 Infantry in any red territory under the new LHTR.  If any Russian territory is invaded, you get to put them anywhere you want as well, they don’t necessarily have to defend that territory anymore.

    According to my reading of it.

    Anyway, USA has Chinese divisions, need to keep that freebie going as long as I can.

    My bad, it has to be adjacent to a Japanese controlled territory, not anywhere Russia controls.

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    Well, Germany attacked and luckily got spanked.  Since my W. Europe forces were dead anyway, with England, I attacked S. Europe (after he retreated a transport and wounded battleship from two American transports.)

    Here’s Germany 3 and England 3.

    Anyway, barring anything really weird, I think the corner is turned and Russia will survive.

    (the extra Russian tank is from Salvage NA.)

    Anyway, end of next round, assuming an SBR by Japan that does 3 dmg, Russia should have 9 Infantry, 4 Armor, 2 Fighters and 3 American infantry and 2 british fighters to defend her from an infantry, 6 armor, 3 fighters and 2 bombers.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    More maps

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    He triggered non-aggression with his Japanese SBR, in case you are wondering where the infantry came from.

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    Germany’s still pretty tough, but most of her wind’s been knocked out of her.

    2 Unfettered SBR bombers a round is gunna hurt for a LONG time.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    more maps

    [attachment deleted by admin]

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    He triggered it with the SBR in Russia anyway.

    It’s a guy from the Army, Neil Schmitz.

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    More maps.

    Note, Japan decided to destroy the battleship instead of a fighter.  To save it from certain destruction from the British fleet.

    America got hosed.  She had an 86% chance to win with both battleships surviving (most likely a fighter, destroyer and carrier as well.)

    I call this the Jennifer Effect.  I always seem to get the worst possible result when it comes down to the dice.  Considering changing to LL only games so I have a chance to win. 😛

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Germany surrender after UK 6.

    England got uber lucky attacking Karelia.  Almost 100% accuracy with tanks and planes in round 2.  Though, I think Germany and Japan were still pretty strong, considering America only had 54 IPC in land/air units (all infantry) and 76 in naval (all transports except Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer on opposite ends of the globe.)

    I stuck to my guns though, even though it looked bad, I kept America on the path of KJF with English Support and focused on securing Moscow at all costs.

    He spent too much time going for the IC in Sinkiang I think.  Trading 3 Armor for 3 Russian Infantry a round isn’t a good trade, IMHO.

    What do you think, nuno, since you’ve been gracious enough to take this as a pet project. 😃

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Well, there are other clubs, AAMC, DAAK, FoE, etc.  But my buddies and I play in mIRC since we’re thousands of miles apart.

    The 4 inf qualified for Moscow because Moscow was attacked by the Japanese.  But it also qualifies because the Bomber was landed on the border to Moscow.

    And yea, we had already caught the error in Moscow.  One too many clicks when placing units I’m afraid.

    Anyway, the Axis almost had it, but he decided to keep up with tanks and switched to Infantry too late.

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    The first time in the game that the Japanese forces attack any red territory, you may place four of your infantry for free in that territory before resolving combat.  If Japan attacks more than one red territory in that turn, you may decide which such territory receives the infantry.  If you attack an orange territory before Japan attacks you, you lose this national advantage.

    They can go into any red territory that is attacked by Japan, not just Buryatia. (Which is the only red territory that borders an orange territory.)

  • I think Nuno was referring Larry Harris 2.0., in which is stated that infantry may go in a territory that is adjacent to a japanese controlled territory (not only an orange territory).

    But maybe in this game you are using an older verions of LHTR.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    Sorry, yes, we were using LHTR 1.3

    2.0 just came out, didn’t it?

  • Yes 2.0, is the latest version, and non-aggression pact has a different ruling.

  • 2018 2017 '16 '11 Moderator

    I have it, but havn’t printed it out.  JSP and I are running with 2.0.  Somethings are over powered, some are nerfed.

    (IE Japan can team Most Powerful Battleships with Nightfighting and thus kill any KJF strategy before any begins.)

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