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    Both options can work, either a light counter of Ukr with a stack of EE or a heavy counter of Ukr encouraging a heavy counter by Rus if they want to reclaim.

    If you go with option 2, the goal is to continue to take out Russian offensive units so that as Japan approaches in rds 4-5 they can do so without worrying about Russia at all.  But Germany must be able to play solid def once the UK and US land.  This could require vacating WE or EE or both and then trading them back with your superior air power.  Also the possibliltiy of trading SE.  The goal being keep the UK and US occupied just enough so that it is a weak Russia (with only Inf, 1-3 arm, 2 ftrs) vs. a continually growing Japan 45+ IPC with 2 IC that is dropping 8 inf + and 4 arm a turn into Asia.
    My prefered method is to vacate WE and shift Ger forces east, daring the allies to land in WE so I can keep Russia isolated.  Most Allied players won’t commit a lot to WE but it still bleeds off a few inf since it is so hard for them to pass up 6 ipc.  But it makes it easy for you to counter and still maintain the ability to get a few token troops East.

    With option 1, you are banking that in about 3-4 turns you can then make a heavy move to Ukr (with your entire EE army) that Russia can’t counter at all as you shift all German forces East and you can now directly threaten both Wrus and Cauc as Japan can threaten Novo and Kaz.  It puts Russia in some serious trouble on what to defend and how to counter since they can’t stop or kill both armies.

  • Well, so my defensive approach has been wrong. I tried to defend strong also WE and SE other than Berlin.
    So it is better to fall back from WE to Berlin and then counterattack each turn trading WE with US and UK.

    Counterattack should be done only with inf and plane? In that case what to do with WE AA? Pull back to Berlin?

    It seems sthat I am going  slightly out of topic, but this problem arisen if Russia is aggressive and attack two territories.

    In my limited experience, as I already said, 1 territory (West Russia) is too few for creating problem to Germany, while three territories are too much, because Russian unit spreaded across the front are easy prey for Germany. (if they did not fall during the attacks)

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    In most games there comes a point where it really isn’t possible for Germany to defend the 4 core territories and still maintain pressure on Moscow.
    There is just too many spots for the Allies to land, so before losing a bulk of your troops defend or keeping valuable inf needed against Russia shift everything East and get them involved.

    Correct, you want to trade with ftrs and inf.  Most games you should have 4-5 ftrs and 1 bom.  Which gives you a good enough punch to repel most first landings by the Allies.  If UK lands 2 inf, attack with 3 inf, 4-5 planes and repeat while defending Ger.  You can do the same with SE, but there it might be nice to use Inf and Arm and alternate.  One turn you take heavy protecting the arm from counter, then you vacate on the next German turn.

    Now if the Allies DO land heavy in WE, you can attack with your inf, ftrs AND arm and then retreat back to Ger after you strafe the heck out of them.  As long as you kill 4 more units that you lost you’ll be fine since that essentially covers the loss of WE for that turn.

    Example, you have 10 inf in WE, 10 in Ger, 4 in SE and 10 in EE with 6 armor.  Move the 10 inf in Ger to EE, 10 inf in WE to Ger, 4 inf to Ger from SE and place your 8-10 units in Ger.  Now look at what the Allies see, Germany stacked with about 20 inf, 5 planes, EE with about 15-20 inf, 6 arm.  Now even if UK dumps 8 units to WE and US follows with 10 units, you easily have 30 units (inf+arm+ftrs) to smash him with, yet you still have a good force to threaten Kar and Ukr.  In this case the UK will probably drop 2 inf to WE (to claim the 6 ipc) and the rest to either Nor or Kar.  That is an easy trade for Ger (3 inf, 4 ftrs) and still allows you to threaten Ukr and move inf East.  As long as you keep about 15+ inf in Ger and your armor safely protected in EE you can keep WE lightly defended (1-2 inf).  I leave it empty at first if UK has its BB.
    If US can land in SE, then instead of shifting 10 inf to EE from Ger, shift 6 and drop 4 to Balk.  This allows you to bring 15+ inf and arm to SE to counter a US move and should protect against a counter on the next US turn.

    As for the AA guns, shift them as well.  1 to EE from Ger and 1 to Ger from WE.  Or if you have to vacate EE, then stack Balk with your troops and an AA.

    I find I usually have to deadzone WE by about G4-5, unless I’m doing really well in Afr or something.

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    As Russia, I’ve been doing the Wrus attack only lately.  But I don’t have problems with either the Wrus + Belo or Wrus + Ukr are fine.  Each have their pros and cons.

    Killing the ftr in Ukr is nice but I don’t like exposing the 2-3 arm that are needed to take to the G counter.

    I will use any one of those three openings but I seem to use the Wrus + Belo the least.

  • Ok DarthMaximus! Thanks for the great post!

    I do not know if all that you said is an obvious strategy, but for me it is very interesting and for sure will help me to improve my games as Axis.

  • 2007 AAR League


    Aggressive Russia means you still take Africa, still clear the Med, AND take out the Russian advance forces.  Then re-group in G2 for further advances against a Russia depleted of offensive units.

    This comes from the guy who uses a game board :lol:

  • @ezto:


    Aggressive Russia means you still take Africa, still clear the Med, AND take out the Russian advance forces.  Then re-group in G2 for further advances against a Russia depleted of offensive units.

    This comes from the guy who uses a game board :lol:

    And who has a nearly 70% win rate, including a perfect win record against Ezto in Revised  😉

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