• What is the benefit to having more than one aa gun in a territory if only one can fire at a time?

  • There is no extra benefit in having more than one AA gun.

  • Again, TM is right. :-? Sadly there is no added advantage to “stacking” AA guns, even though in real life, this was done to a large effect. But you’re probably better off spending those 5 IPCs on ARM of Inf instead of some AA gun.

  • :lol:

  • @Wild2000:

    Stacking AA guns can be an advantage to the Allies when it becomes necessary to juggle AA guns between Allied territories. Under second edition rules, the Allied turn order can cause industrial complexes to go without an AA gun which can mean big trouble, especially if the Axis has heavy bombers.

    I have had this situation arise many times in the European theatre, specifically when German territory is falling or the US has rockets.

    agreed. This can even apply to the Axis as well. It may be nice to be able to “hold” a gun, while moving one at the same time. I remember at least one game where i wished that i could have 2 aa guns (even tho’ only one could be fired).

    • lazy crypt

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