Please help with rule - Liberation of Capital

  • Hello gamers,

    Please help me if you can! Here the scenario. Playing on the CD-ROM game. The Russian capital is taken over by Germany. Germany now gets all money that Russia currently has. Now the British liberate the Russian capital. The British are now the occupying owner of the capital, but before Russia’s next turn, the Japanese retake the Russian capital from the British. Now all the money that the British have is given to the Japanese. Is this correct? Is this a computer problem? Please help?

    TIA :roll:

  • I can’t say that I’ve run into that problem with the PC game, but apparently it’s full of bugs, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m fairly sure Japan shouldn’t be getting Englands money - England shouldn’t be collecting any IPCs for Russia anyway.

    My guess is it’s a computer problem. 😃

  • Yes it is a bug, Germany would get Russia’s money and that is it. You only lose your money when your capital is taken. So when Japan retakes Moscow they would get Russia’s money but there is none so all they get is some vodka.

  • Isn’t that fun in the computer game when you grab back a capital and go to turn the tide on someone and BAM you lose all your cash to Japan stealing Russia back…one of the many many bugs in the game. And really, is a few crate loads of Russian vodka that bad of a deal? 😉

  • Don’t forget the caviar!
    If you like fish eggs …
    it’s the best in the world.

    Pass the wodka, komrad!

  • Thank you for your help and the information that each of you has provided. It appears that whichever other ally has liberated the capital and is occupying the capital is penalized their current cash if the enemy retakes the capital.

    Arthuyr 😮

  • Just to make sure, that is NOT a rule used with the board game, just a glitch with the computer game.

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