Classic rules, and some disagreements.

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    I’m not sure what your problem is with the nomenclature, though. While “Classic” may mean different things to different people, its proper usage is really in reference to the MB version and its computer offshoots.

    Well, if you say “The original MB Gamemaster Series game from 1984-2004”, aren’t you excluding the 3rd edition, since that was not made by MB? I think that is going to suggest the concept that Classic is 1st and 2nd edition, while the 3rd edition is not Classic, but an “offshoot” of it.

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    I don’t think you are excluding the computer versions, as they are basically the same game in a different format. Whether or not MB made them, they are an implementation of an MB game.

  • Hello, well i translate the manual of A&A PC 1998, from German to English. The new 3° edition rules are:

    "…new features in the rules of the 3rd edition

    Diving submarines: defending submarines can dive during the fight or withdraw from the fight. A submerged submarine remains in the same sea zone until it resurfaces after the fight.

    Air units can withdraw from an amphibious attack: figthers and bombers can retreat from an amphibious attack if the things are shell-dead to the attacker.

    Several AAA in one territory: you can now place several AAAs on a territory. However, only one of these AAA can fire during defence.

    New sea units can be placed in disputed sea zones: they can now place their sea units in sea zones occupied by the friend. In this case, the fight takes place during the enemy’s strike, in case the enemy does not draw his unites before the fight from the zone.
    Note: you still need to place your sea units in the immediate vicinity of one of your industrial complexes.

    Western Canada no longer borders directly on the Atlantic Ocean: this prevents a player from moving units from the Atlantic directly to Western Canada…"

    Now the plastic figures are finite and listed in the box (box that have a sheman tank, and not the futuristic panzer 3 we use and love); but the plastic chips number is diferenti in the boxes, some have 10 red others 7, i have 6, some have 50 blancas other 65, i have 72, soooo….

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