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Thermopylae Online. 2 Player Variant

  • Hi Everyone,

    For those of you that don’t know us, we are the Guild of Blades Publishing Group and since 1998 we have been publishing the Empires of History series of board games…axis & allies variants, all of them.

    Throughout 2006 we have been working on online interactive versions of some of our board games…which are FREE to play and simply supported with banner advertisements instead. Early in 2006 we put our A&A Variant, Europe 1483, into beta testing. Just this past week, we put Thermopylae Online into beta testing. Links for both are below so come check them out…

    1483 Online:

    Thermopylae Online:

    And if you are interested in any of our A&A variant board games there is always:

    Ryan S. Johnson
    Guild of Blades Publishing Group

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