Online Axis & Allies inspired game - Empire Forge

  • Empire Forge is inspired by Axis & Allies and Global Diplomacy, and is always launching new games. Many of the players are veteran Axis & Allies players.

    A little bit about it:
    Rule a nation of Humans, Elves, Trolls, or Merfolk. Command your
    armies, conduct diplomacy, cast spells. Choose a unique leader
    character to head up your kingdom.

    Empire Forge is a fantasy-based strategy game that should take less
    than half an hour per week to play for most people. It is similar to
    games like Axis & Allies and Global Diplomacy. Each turn players
    assemble their orders and enter them on the web site. There is a
    downloadable GUI to help players view the game data. A turn is usually
    once per week, but other turn frequencies can be arranged. Orders
    consist of troop movements, diplomacy, unit constructions, skills
    uses, and other activities.

    Visit to learn more!

  • Empire Forge is FREE and a lot of fun even if you are not into fantasy style games (and I am not;  magic, dragons and such are not big interests of mine).  Games usually run with two turns a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays and usually last about ten to twelve weeks.

    Empire Forge has many similarities with Axis & Allies but it also has several interesting characteristcs that Axis & Allies does not have.

    First, in Axis & Allies, you know who your friends and allies will be from the very beginning.  Each game, therefore, can have an almost predetermined feeling since many people follow the same strategies in every game and it is only the dice rolls that can interfere with these predetermined strategies.

    In Empire Forge, you play the leader of one of twelve nations.  Once a game fills up with 12 players, you are given the e-mail addresses of the other players and told when the first turn will occur about a week later (usually there are two turns a week on Tuesdays and Fridays).

    At the beginning of a game of Empire Forge, however, you do not have any idea who is going to be friendly and who is going to be an enemy.  It is, therefore, up to YOU to build relationships with the other players through e-mail.  YOU have to establish yourself within your game.  This diplomacy ALONE can win or lose a game for you.  Neglect your neighbor and you run the risk of him turning on you.  Build strong relationships with other players and others will find you a force to be reckoned with.  No one can win a game of Empire Forge without good allies (Do not think that the more experienced players beat up on the newbies;  like many others, I won my first game because I built strong relationships with others;  I am not the first, nor will I be the last, person to win his first game).

    Another interesting difference between A & A and EF is that you choose a leader type with special abilities to assist you in your quest to become emporer.  There are fifteen leader types.  Some give you more money.  Some give you special units.  Some assist you with magic.  Each has special abilities that can help whatever nation they lead.  Some are better leaders for certain nations than others but any will help.

    As one can easily see, with each game, there are literally thousands of possibilities and no two games will ever be alike.  There are far too many variations to Empire Forge to allow any game to repeat itself.

    In a game of Empire Forge, anything can happen.  Come on and sign up for a game today at

    (If you sign up for a game, feel free to contact me.  I would be more than happy to help you out if you have any questions about strategy or the rules.  Or, you can sign up for the Empire Forge forum where other players happily assist the newbies.  I told you these guys were friendly.)

  • Though I could go into greater detail, a few people from these boards have tried out Empire Forge.  They seem to enjoy the game.  C’mon over and check it out.

    Basically, this is a “BUMP”.

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