• On Page 58, 13.3 Chinese Civil War, Victory, “One side wins once it has eliminated the other faction’s units from Continental Chinese Home Country.”

    On the KMT National Reference Sheets, Page 1, Surrender, “KMT surrenders when it has no land units left on the map and Possesses no land zones.”

    There are three possibilities.

    1. 13.3 is correct and KMT loses when they have no units on Continental Chinese Home Country.
    2. The KMT National Reference Sheet is correct and KMT surrenders when it has no land units left on the map and Possesses no land zones.
    3. Both are correct and KMT can lose the civil war without surrendering.

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast said in When does KMT Surrender?:

    Another option: You can win the Civil War despite the other side never surrendering. They might be two entirely different concepts.

    It very well may be possible that you can get the KMT to loose the civil war (by them not having any more units) and then at a later point revive them once you are able to liberate a land zone for them (any nation’s whose surrender conditions are no longer met, un-surrender).

    I also want to point in 13.3 the result of a side loosing,by having no units in Continental chinese home country, have all their units removed from anywhere outside Chinese Home Country. At first i thought this may be an oversight, but now that i think about its perfect: The only zone that is affected by this discrepancy is Formosa, AKA Taiwan!

  • @insanehoshi Yeah, I see now it is option 3. Just because you lost, doesn’t mean you surrender! 8 )

  • 9c49aaf5-c8bd-42dc-8bf7-ecc9716ad4b9-image.png

  • @hbg-gw-enthusiast why does losing the war technically matter if it has nothing to do with the surrender of the nation? it is a minor difference but there are no victory points for technically winning the Chinese Civil War - right? ha.

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