• Can the KMT and CCP call a truce multiple times? As in call the truce, then break it, and then call it again.

    Any help or info would be appreciated thanks.

  • I think that they could since this rule is written without indication that it would be a one time event, but the FAQ will likely contradict me as usual.

    However the use of the word « if » a foreign power declares war does raise the question of the timing of such truce. Does it need to be declared at the same time as the declaration of war? Do we need a new declaration of war for a new truce?

  • @jbuckbuddy I would say it’s a one time thing. You have a civil war, and then a cause to put the civil war on pause (Japanese assault) and then once the truce is broken you won’t have a new cause to sign it again.

  • @Noneshallpass I always assumed that the ‘if’ was more of a ‘if these conditions have been met’ so as long as a major power has declared war on china, then the truce can be called. That being said it does seem rather ‘gamey’ to be able to break the truce and call it to suit their needs. On the other hand wouldn’t this type of cooperation be more in line with what they actually did and how they acted?

  • @jbuckbuddy Historically, not really. There was some cooperation early on (the truce) but then the KMT and CCP stated infighting in 1940? and stayed separate the whole time.

  • @trig Also, for what it is worth, in V2, this was a one time thing. (Same as all other pacts)

  • @trig For historical purposes. Yes, there was skirmishing between CCP and KMT during WWII while the truce was in play but neither side took it serious other than being offended by the situation. Mao and Chiang Kai-shek took Japan as a more serious threat than each other. They both understood that China belong to the Chinese, not Japanese.

    As for gameplay purpose, I always read it as a one time deal and I think it’s important to do it that way because if one side is going to backstab the other, it makes it harder to do if Truce is once only so you better have a good reason for it.

  • @caesar-seriona remember the New 4th Army Incident?

  • @trig That is such a shit show in history. I’ve read that Chinese sources on either said are known for being shewed, even US history on the subject is met with a lot of issues. I don’t doubt that it happened but you have two factions claim massively different reasons for that action.

  • @caesar-seriona But it was still fighting for sure.

  • @trig Yes, the only real truth is that KMT and CCP were still fighting to a degree even during WWII but the US view of it is also not trusted even by other Americans due to how the US basically lied about how General Stilwell handled the situation in his area of command, history looks at him as being this brave general handling the political bullshit with the Chinese when it has come to light that he was incompetent about how he handled the issues.

  • @jbuckbuddy the answer is that the truce can’t be signed multiple times

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