Armor non-combat movement

  • OK, I have a question regarding the non-combat movement of armor units.  I know how I always THOUGHT the rule was, but can find no support for it, so looking for assistance…

    Enemy units occupy space between 2 allied territories.
    SOME units from the first allied territory attack and take control of the enemy held territory.

    Can armored units that did not engage in combat do a NCM THROUGH the just captured territory to the adjacent allied territory?

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    Don’t see why not. You can reinforce just captured territories with units not in the combat right?

  • From the official FAQ at


    Q-I attack and capture an enemy land territory in combat. Now, during non-combat movement, can my tanks that weren’t involved in combat move through the newly-captured territory and enter a second friendly territory on the far side?

    A-Yes, this is legal.

  • Thank you for the input folks!

    I could not find anything either way in LHTR, and I have an old apparent House Rule from Classic that precluded such moves.

    Appreciate the clarification!

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