AMS Integrated Rulebook and House Rules

  • Sorry not smart enough to figure out how to post link directly on the forums, but over at Brian Wassom’s YouTube Channel, under the video discussing our House Rules, we have added a link to the Abandon Monitoring Station’s Integrated Rulebook and House Rules.  This combines two projects: (1) integrates the Europe and Pacific rulebooks into a more user friendly version with cross references back to the original rulebooks when rule debates break out; and (2) incorporates the house rules we used when playing games 11 & 12 of the series.

    Would love some thought and comments on the rule variants.  We borrowed and modified a bunch that was available here and there and then play tested and modified some more.  Comments to date range from “great ideas” to “you suck and broke the game.”  We do think the OOB rules are Axis tilted and maybe its because we are bad, but these rules were really fun when we played with them and it opens a boatload of new strategies. Looking for input to improve these for the future.



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