• So after 30 years of playing A&A, I finally went all-in and purchased the necessary boxed sets to play Global 1940.  And after a few months of rules reading and video watching, 7 friends gathered in my game room to commence war.

    The players were divided as follows(in case anyone was wondering how we managed with 7 people)

    1. America
    2. Russia
    3. UK Pacific, Anzac, China
    4. UK Europe, France
    5. Germany
    6. Italy
    7. Japan

    All players were experienced with Classic A&A, but had never played Global.

    While I wont even attempt to break down what occurred, suffice it to say we all had a great time and that after 18 1/2 straight hours the war is not yet over, although I will admit the Allies hold a strong position at the moment.  Japan controls the money island plus all of east asia except for the burma road area and India.  Japan also still has a sizable navy although a bit spread out.  Uk forces are concentrated on Britain in the east and southeast asia in the west, with a few forces in the middle east.  Italy controls the med(finally) thanks to some timely German air support, plus North Africa, and is pushing into the middle east.  America is starting to rebuild its navy in the pacific after a few failed assaults on the Japanese.  American forces are non-existent currently in the Atlantic.  Russia is pushing hard into Germany with great success, and this is where the Allies have the greatest edge.

    We did not keep track of how many turns have been played but I would estimate 8.

    A special thank you for all the information available on this site as well as Young Grasshoppers youtube videos.  I dont think we got too many rules wrong, but those we did will be corrected.

  • I am glad that y’all enjoyed your first G40 game.  More players is entertaining when everyone is just learning the game.  I have seen so many people struggle as Germany when they are first playing the game.  Later on, that power will master the push into Russia and send the opposition running back to Moscow to avoid the unstoppable might of the German army combined with air support.  Check out some saved game files in the League matches to see what some of the more experienced players do for the overall strategies:


    I also love Cow’s openings:

    The J1 attack can be devastating when all of the battles work as planned.

  • Thanks.

    Our Japan player elected not to use the J1 attack.  America came into the war on turn 2 though.  That worked out well for Japan overall as he was able to establish himself  better in the money islands before having to deal with America.

    Germany elected to keep Russia out of the war the maximum 3 turns (Russia declared on his 4th turn).    He now regrets that and wants to play Germany again when we play our 2nd game and press Russia sooner.

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