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    This isn’t really answered in the rule book so maybe this would fall more into house rules…

    Europe 1940 / Global question.

    Can players of either the axis team or allied team talk strategy to each other (person to person) on how they want to attack their opponents or does every power have to operate separately and try to read what their team is doing?

    For example. Player one is Germany and player 2 is Italy. Can they have a person to person conversation where the German commander agrees to build up and take only Russia and have Italy focus on Africa for IPCs but in return Italy has to reinforce Germany with troops. Is that allowed?

    Example 2. All team powers are barred from person to person conversations about team strategy and just have to read the battle field on when to help an ally.

    It doesn’t specifically state in the rule book so I didn’t know if this is part of the a and a rules or just house.

    Thank you in advance to any answers. If you have played one way or another please tell me how it went and what you like better. Input is always welcome.

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    99% sure open communication is allowed. The extent to which it’s allowed is up to you, though. With my play-group we cut it off at “talk of general strategy is allowed, anything more specific is not.” We do it this way because of bad experiences where multi-player games would devolve into the “good” Axis Player and the “good” Allies Player forcing their teammates to obey their orders on what to do each turn, effectively turning the game into a 1v1 with a peanut gallery. That’s not much fun for anyone.

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