• We are playing A&A original version… there are only 3 players and we wish to play a world domination free for all. Is there any tips or advice to keep a basically level playing field?

    We have experiemented with leaving out the UK or Russia and sometimes both, we’re looking for advice on how to proceed.
    With only 3 players, it usually becomes the two weakest ganging up on the strongest…and then it flip-flops when someone else begins to become the strongest force. The games draw out pretty long and tempers get heated with the competitive nature of world domination.

    Any suggestions on how to play with only 3 players?


  • In all honesty?  I’d go with the Naval powers.  US, Japan and UK.

    US starts out with the most IPC’s, but UK and Japan have the greatest ability to expand quickly, and with most of the available space adjacent to them.  US needs to spend wisely and quickly in order to level things out.

    Doing US, Ger and Japan, you are going to get a German victory every time.  Too many IPC’s able to be blitzed and too many tanks to do the blitzing.  Germany would have 50-60 IPC’s before US and Japan even got land forces mobile with transports.

    Or am I misunderstanding the nature of your game?

  • Oh, and should this thread be moved to House Rules?

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