• Hello there, after playing different versions of A&A (world at war, anniversary version, old Europe, 1940 Europe and Pacific, bulge and Guadalcanal), I returned now to the original classic version A&A. I played it before when I was a kid, many many years ago.
    Now, I have some questions:

    1. In the rule’s clarifications form Bradley, page 2, Par (5) about Rockets, it is mentioned that a rocket can move before combat. So that means, that you can move to one (friendly) territory and then fire a rocket to an enemy industrial complex at a distance up to 3 adjacent spaces away. I find this clarification very odd because this is even not mentioned in the revised version A&A.
    2. It is not allowed to place fighters directly on a newly bought carrier, but this makes the “naked” carrier very vulnerable for the coming round. As soon as UK or GER have some bombers or fighters in the neighbourhood, it is almost impossible to start a new fleet in the Atlantic (UK and USA) or the Mediterranean see (GER). In my game it leads to empty sea spaces around Europe. Shouldn’t it be a better game allowing (new) fighters to land on newly bought carries like in many other A&A games ?
    3. After combat with fighters on carriers that were destroyed, you may only land the fighter on an island of another carrier. So, you may land on the small islands and also on England, Japan, New Zealand, etc. , but not on the coast of e.g., Australia? I find this very weird because going from the sea around an island to the island is also one move of a territory, just like going to an adjacent coast. Maybe this is the reason why it has been changed in all the other versions of A&A… Also here, shouldn’t it be a better game to allow it also in the classic version ?

  • @cojoh I can’t argue with any of your conclusions. The rules that were changed in later versions were usually changed for good reasons. Of course, you can feel free to play with whatever house rules you like.

  • @krieghund ok, and is the interpretation about the rockets correct (move and shoot) ?

  • @cojoh Yes.

  • @krieghund Tks !

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