• Hi, just want to shear a simple, but fun FFA house rule. You can have quik matches that only takes a few hours.

    This has only been played on the anniversary addition.

    • pick a nation (has nothing more to say than what color you start with)
    • through dices to establish who starts.
    • pick any country value 1-6 you want to start in, role a dice, if the dice shows more or equal to the country you picked you place a factory and an AA, and your turn ends. If your dice role is less than the value of the starting country, you can’t place anything, and you turn ends. This is only for the starting country.
    • each country you want to capture you have to fight that country’s value worth of infantry (a 1 value country, fight one infantry. 10 value country fight 10 infantries)
    • optional: if you want a faster game, and more initiative to attack each other, and encourage allies against the strongest, you can set victory condition: reaching the end of the (72) income table.
      -you don’t play with national objectives, other that that movement/combat rules are the same

    Plz tell me what you think, or have any improvement suggestions. Have tried this a couple of times and it’s really enjoyable.

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