• I’m thinking of setting up a D-day scenario.  However, I’m not gonna make it official until the new set comes out. (mostly for the new snipers and paratroopers)  The only parameter I really have so far on the map set-up is putting two of the map tiles with big cities next to each other.  Germany would start on this town.  In one of the opposite corners would be an entirely US force, and in the other corner an entirely UK force.  The questions I have are:

    Should the units be hand-picked by the players or pre-set by the scenario?
    What should the team build values be?
    Do you think it would be possible to make it a three player game?

    Any input would be welcome…


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    I’d make your own map! I think there is some software that makes this easy but it’s pay software.

    2 inch hexes are not uncommon so make you can download a sheet or just make up your own. It would be some work but make be fun.

    You could even introduce a new terrain types: beaches, movement cost for vehicles +2, provides no cover; beaches with cover, movement cost +2, vehicles must make a 4-6 to enter, provides cover.

  • I appreciate that DJ, but even so; I don’t think it would be complete until there are some paratroopers getting involved.  But that sounds like a very good idea!

  • I would think you would want to break up D-Day into several smaller scenarios considering the scale of the whole battle.  Maybe the first scenario could be something like Pegasus Bridge.  Maybe a section of Omaha beach for another scenario.  Have a scenario of (set II mini’s) paratroopers taking out a nest of 88’s protected by a GE infantry unit.  I would think for these you would probably have to pre-define the units instead of letting the players pick.  Anyway, that would be my recommendation.  Sounds like a good idea.  Good luck!

  • i go along with that, splitting these up into differant groups would be the best way to go about it. and if you want to be true to the events of June 6th then you cant even add any armor until you take the beach, it would just have to be a butt load of infrantry chargin a bunch of mg-42’s and a lot of German infrantry, and don’t for get the motors. the germans would have to get all sorts of cover +'s, their all in pill box’s and such. the advantage of the allied invasion was sheer numbers, the axis army would have to be MUCH smaller to the allies. the paratroopers made the first wave of the allied push, so they would have to go first to take out the artillery focused on the beach heads, and lets just say that they fail that, then when it comes time for the beach part of the game you have to take into account that those guns are still there and shelling the crap out of the allies.

    i thought about setting one of these up, infact i thought at some point i might just go through the whole war. but i was planing on starting in Italy and Africa. a lot of work, but i think it will be fun. allthough i always roll better dice when I’m the axis, so the allies might just get the crap kicked out of them, oh well, I’m just happy its not real. otherwise i might be speaking German now 😐

  • All good input!  With regards to the Major’s post about making campaigns in Italy and Africa, I was thinking of including some new terrains (like tundras and deserts)  How do you think these could affect troop movement/cover, etc.?  DJenson mentioned some points about a beachhead type of terrain - good stuff!  :mrgreen:

  • in italy, the biggest problem patton and monty (notice the order of names 😉) came accros was terrain, more so in sicily. its rock and very uneven, extremely hard for tanks to manuver. thier were a few roads, but thats it. if you were to have a scenario there, and wanted to remain true to history you might want to think about treating the whole map like a mountian or a forst when it comes to a veicle ( each hex you take cast you 2 movment points, unless you stick to the roads)
    Africa was abit easier, its just that tanks would need constant overhauls. pretty much drive for a day and spend all night cleaning them so they will work the next day, im not sure how i would handle this as far as movment points and rolling goes.

  • That sounds pretty interesting…  🙂

  • I think part of the Allies’ problem in Africa is that there wasn’t much cover.  So the Allies’ tanks had a hard time closing the distance with the heavier gunned German tanks.  That’s part of the reason the Crusader became popular is that it was a fast tank and could really close the distance across that open terrain.

  • yeah the crusader could get up close and personal with the germans, but the gun was to weak to do any good, they would just get blown away.

  • Founder TripleA Admin


    I appreciate that DJ, but even so; I don’t think it would be complete until there are some paratroopers getting involved.  But that sounds like a very good idea!

    Paratroopers are coming in Set 2 on Dec. 2.

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