• Here is a mock Scenario build… build ur team nder the bellow guidlines!

    Squad Construction Rules:

    Operation Citadel- “Prokhorovka Station”

    • Limit all units to 1943 and before

    • Use ONLY German and Russian units.

    • Build to 200-points

    • Limit soldiers to 50-points.

    • ONLY Russians can use obstacles.

    • Maximum of ONE (1) Hero per side.

    • Maximum of THREE (3) partisan units.

    • Maximum number of units is 20.

    • NO Airplanes are allowed.

    • NO Parachutists are allowed.

    *** I’ll post mine soon… hope my ebay minis make it in time lol

    Im curious to see the other peoples precpectives…

  • Foe my Soviet side im going to build a squad around the Su-152 and im deciding on either adding t-34s or kv-1 or mix…  expect to see heavy German tanks.

  • '19 Moderator

    What does the map look like?

  • @dezrtfish:

    What does the map look like?

    It was Krusk sim… i forget the map setup, maybe i’ll put it up tommorrow…

    I was 2-0 with USSR


    SU-152 x1
    T-34 x2
    KV-1 x2
    Cossack Captain x1
    PPSH x3
    land mines x5
    tank obstacle x1

    *Worked pretty well… only trouble was the first turn were those nasty tigers and panthers can take a crack at u when u cant really hit back. The terrible part was when my KV-1 was destroyed first assult phase by a stupid flamo panzer… rrrrrrr but I got my revenge.

  • '19 Moderator

    This build is for reasonably open tank fighting terrain:

    88mm Flak 36  19pts
    SS Hauptsturmführer   7pts
    Kar98   3pts

    Sd Kfz 250     8pts
    Veteran Tiger 65pts
    2xElitePanzer IV Ausf. D 36pts
    SS-Panzer IV Ausf. F2 32
    2xsIG 33 30pts

    Total           200pts

    After I drop the 88 the 250 can pick up the Captain and move with the mixed mobile force to break the Ruskies like so much straw!

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