• So I got the case of D Day releases and am generally quite pleased.  As I got to the last box I was hoping for a German or British Rare but got that French tank.  Oh well I had no doubles on other rares and am pleased.

    What happened to the scale of the 88mm.  I know it was a scary piece but its not that big.  At the same time there were a couple of other vehicles that came across very small.

    So we set up a new map.  I made a 3 foot by 8 foot hex map on a roll of brown craft paper.  For all of the various terrain types we cut different coloured paper hexes and laid them out.  It was a very cool map and I can change the trerrain as desired.  We played a European game of 500 point armies in a meeting engagement.  It was about four hours to play 7 turns.  With so much terrain it was important to build significant transport into the mix and run it up and back shuttling the infantry into the fight.

    I lost three Sherman varients just to take out the veteran Tiger.

    Great fun!

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