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Activation questions

  • If an allied unit lands on Crete, does Crete become allied right away or does the allied unit have to land in Greece first? If the allied unit were to land in Greece first would Crete and Corinth automatically become allied as well? Same question regarding Germany and Finland. In the rules Spain becomes pro-axis if Paris has fallen and the axis control Leningrad or Stalingrad or Moscow. If Spain is pro-axis and Germany were to march from Marseilles to Barcelona, would the troops in Barcelona activate for Germany or would Germany have to get to Madrid and then activate all of Spain?

  • '14

    If the capital is entered then the country and units as a whole are activated. If a territory other than the capital is entered that zone and units in it are activated.

  • Does that mean, if Italians take the the conquer the Greek capital, does all of Greece turn Italian?

  • '14

    No. Greece is Pro Allied. So if Italy takes Greece then all the remaining Greek units will become Allied….This includes Naval units too.

  • Do the allies still need to walk in and activate those territories?

  • '14

    If a country is Pro Allied and attacked by an Axis and survives then the Countryu becomes Allied!

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