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Who has preordered already?

  • I just did 15 minutes ago. Got 2 copies. One to play, one to cannibalize for units for 1940 games.
    (or I might paint that one)

    How about you guys? Who has already ordered?

  • Pre-ordered 2 back in January because:

    1. Shipping was free over $100.
    2. Axis and Allies never comes with enough units for the way I play the game.
    3. Axis and Allies never comes with enough chips to play the game.
    4. Axis and Allies never comes with enough roundels for the way I play the game.
    5. I am crazy.

  • Waiting on Amazon to have it for the US.

  • Customizer

    Pre-ordered it from nws-online.net. Might not get it until a week or so after release, but they had it for $57…couldn’t pass on that.

  • ordered mine from CSI 2 weeks ago 64.99 but I live like a hour away from orlando so goin to pick it up straight from there store.

  • I preordered back when first possible - mid January, I think. I wonder if it releases the same day in Denmark as in the US/UK.
    Only got one copy, but I might order yet another one, haha. 😄

  • 2 copies from CSI

  • 2 copies from cool stuff one for me and one for my buddy.

  • 😉

  • Just one from CSI

  • 2016

    Ordered one from CSI.

  • Customizer

    I ordered 2 copies from Coolstuffinc.com back on Jan 27. Same reason as wove100, a single A&A game never seems to have enough pieces.

    Side note: When I ordered Europe 40 2e and Pacific 40 2e from Coolstuff, they managed to get it and ship them a few days before the official release date so I ended up getting my games on the release date. Don’t know if it will be that way this time, but would be cool if it was.

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    Just ordered from Amazon.

    Might just regret this if there is indeed an improved 2nd edition.

    But it really is time they started producing upgrade kits for 1st edition owners.

  • Preordered from CSI, and thanks to everyone on this forum for bringing that excellent site to my attention!

  • idk thinking of skipping this one. Few new unit sculpts and massive africa make me think im better off using my diplomacy board and downloading the rules…tho im sure the tank sculpts will be pretty neat

  • I haven’t preordered and I’m not even sure I’ll get the game, despite all of my posts about it. I really, really want to… but if it really is $100 I might not have enough spare cash. For all my talk of how it needs this or that I’m still certain it will be one of the best A&A (or C&E) games to date.

  • Pre order is $65.
    So you save 33% by preordering.

  • £75 on amazon. As its the same size as E/A40 I can see where that price tag has come from, but going from every nation having their own sculpts to just infantry, too expensive.

  • How fast would FedEx ground be from Florida (CSI) to Evanston, Wyoming (1 hour from Salt Lake City)? I need to know if it can make it in time to my house before Spring break ends (March 24) or if I should just ship it to my dorm.

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    How fast would FedEx ground be from Florida (CSI) to Evanston, Wyoming (1 hour from Salt Lake City)? I need to know if it can make it in time to my house before Spring break ends (March 24) or if I should just ship it to my dorm.

    Oooh, March 24 is cutting it pretty close. Especially since I don’t think Fedex works Saturday or Sunday. I know UPS doesn’t. So that would mean if you didn’t get it by Friday the 22nd, you wouldn’t get it until Monday the 25th.
    When I ordered Europe and Pacific 40 2e from CSI, they got the game early and shipped it so I ended up getting it right on the release date, but I don’t know if they will do that this time. Even if they ship on the 19th, I would imagine you would get it by the end of the week but I would hate to tell you that and have something cause a delay then it gets there late.
    To be safe, I would say ship it to your dorm. If it comes early, you will miss a couple of days to play with it, but at least you will have it with you when you go back to college.

  • I per-ordered it at my local gaming store. I know I’ll pay the SRP of $99.99, but I like to support the Mom & Pop shops. They are expecting their order on the release date of Tues the 19th. Maybe they will get it early and I can ……

  • '10

    I have my copy on order!


  • @FieldMarshalGames:

    I have my copy on order!


    Why aren’t you guys selling it?  I probably would have bought from you like I did the 1940 1st edition games.

  • Customizer

    Never mind them selling the game; we want bombers and destroyers and Zeppelins and heavy artillery and askaris and armoured trains with frickin’ laser beams on the front.

  • Not to forget flamethrowers, Stormtroopers, Paris-caps, French units with red trousers in first two rounds that could be easily hit by 5s, the Paris-Geschütz that was able to shall Paris from 75 miles (maybe 2 tts?) away, and of course a 3-D Board that allows you to undermine your enemy…

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