• oh yeah,
    about your big debate on the middle east: I usually drop off a couple of tanks or some inf+art to stop the british from getting control of africa

  • Question: I thought it took one turn to border the Transport ship with troops and then you can do amphibous assault?
    Meaning an attack from baltic sea would be impossible turn 1 for Germany.

    Probably just us not understanding the rules correctly?

    Only played the new AaA Europe once so far.

    As Russian I bought 3 Artillery with all the 12 ipc.(My allied friends gave me all) This gave me a good force to counter attack with turn 2 and later on.
    Getting artillery felt most important since they are to expensive to buy for Russia later on in my opinion. Cant remember name of region where I placed them but it was a central region(ukraine or belarus perhaps) with inf/armour/artillery, bordering to the frontline areas so I could counterattack most territories from there.

    Later on I only bought infantery as usual unless i had unequal amount of money to buy with. Worked well and turned the tide pretty early on the Eastern front.

  • it takes one turn for a transport to load, then move, then unload. the units you are transporting can not move before or after being transported

  • yes, artillary is good for russia. Depending on what germany does, if germany places 4 infantry on the eastern front, I would consider artillary essential. (otherwise germany can hold east poland on turn one)

  • Inxduk, I entirely agree. Russian artillery is essential if the germans place 4 infantry on the eastern front, which is what I usually :) do, to counter and threaten hard won enemy positions. It is a waste of time to concentrate forces in the north, a mature player will be able to counter it easily. Malta and the middle east may only be taken quickly, otherwise supplies and time are being shoved right out the window.

  • Germany: Purchase a transport and place it in the Danish Sea and purchase artillery and place it on Germany (You could also put the artillery in Finland or Poland, but I prefer to put it here because your opponent may think you are preparing an invasion of UK and that may get them to spend that $12 purchasing Navy or Infantry for UK, which I’ve seen happen). Then you can use the 2 transports you have in the Danish Sea to pick up 2 infantry and 2 artillery to Leningrad, where Russia only starts with 2 infantry. You can use the fighter from Poland or the bomber from Germany for extra firepower, although there is a possibility of them getting shot down by the AA gun. If the Russians stack up infantry on Leningrad with their $12, you can use this same force to attack Baltic States along with forces from Poland. This allows you to shift some of your forces in Poland to attack East Poland and gives you more strength at the front. These transports will also be invaluable in the next round and beyond because you will be able to move infantry and artillery to the front much more quickly than their normal movement would allow. This is key in taking down Russia.

    Allies: Give the $12 to Russia and purchase 3 artillery and place them in Belorussia. Germany will most likely attack Baltic States or East Poland and this will allow you to have a decent force to counterattack either of these areas. However, if the Germans put a transport in the Danish Sea with their $12, put the 3 artillery in Leningrad. The reason to use artillery here is that if they decide not to attack Leningrad and attack Baltic States, you have some offense to counterattack with while only having 1 less unit with a defense of 2 to defend with if they do attack. The key for the Russians is to have enough offense in their counterattacks to take out German armor. If Germany puts 3 artillery in Finland, purchase 4 infantry with Russia and put them in Karelia. This will force Germany to bring in the fighter from Norway or Poland or the bomber from Germany to put the odds in their favor. The Russians also have 3 infantry and 1 armor in Archangel, 4 infantry and 1 artillery in Russia & 1 armor, 1 fighter and 1 bomber in Moscow all in position to immediately counterattack if the Germans manage to take Karelia.

    The most important battles, especially in the first few rounds of the game, take place between Germany & Russia. So no matter which side you are on you should use your $12 at this front.

  • I like that idea, wardog, about fooling the brits into buying infantry, gotta try that some time. I always but a trans. and art but i never know where to put the art.

  • I recently bought 1 art 1 inf and 1 tank for Tunisia. It was a good value, and they swept through the Middle East, barely. Luckily the Soviets were worried about Germans attacking the light purple areas and beyond and didn’t send tanks in from Stalingrad.

  • As Germany I buy an additional trans in the med and save 4.

    This makes me able to attack both Malta and Gibraltar. I don´t care of the british med fleet. Should it attack the maltesian des trans combo I have a slight advantage. If they land in Greece, which is unoccupied, fine! Less to fight for Rommel later on. This fleet will be attacked with massive air support on T3. Afterwards I start funneling inf directly to Syria, establishing a supply line via Southern Italy.

    On T1  I buy an AC for the Danish Sea  (rest men). It´s effect is big:

    1. forces allies to build capital ships for the atlantic theater, side effect: no early U.S. bombing strat.
    2. makes the atlantic seazone the only place for british fleet to rebuild, that may not be attacked without fear of retaliation.
    3. makes a unification with the BB (now in Gib) possible. With 5 or more subs fodder a hard nut to crack.

    Combat: I calculate and strafe as many russian terretories as possible with all tanks available.( risky!!) All airforce helps to kill  british boats.

    Non-combat: consolidate land forces in Poland and Rumania.

    I played this strategy more than once. By turn 4 a new front opens for Russia in the south, while in most cases I was even able to savely transfer the AC to the most southern Convoy or Gibraltar. On it´s way the sub escort may take some convoys. But mostly I don´t sacrifice them. It´s to easy for the allies to kill a lone sub and cash out normally at the end of their turn. It´s better to keep a strong united navy may discourage Operation Torch.

    Well, this is not only about placing 12 ipcs, it´s about what strategy you follow. IMO this one is quit pretty.

    1. delays landings and bomber strat
    2. gives oil money to Germany after an initial delay of the african campaign

    What do you think about it? How to counter it?

  • Who cares about Malta?!  I mean really…
    Anyway, I always spend my starting 12 IPC’s as the USSR on infantry, placing them on the front line or the second line back if I will be tactically retreating.

    Using the Soviet money for a fighter is much less cost effective for defense.
    Buying artillery or armor may help with a counter attack, but it is also gets you less defense for your money.

    If you know Germany won’t be pursuing the classic assault on Moscow, you might want a destroyer to protect your convoy or troops in the Caucasus to advance south and aid the Brits in N. Africa.

  • The Allies $12 always depends on the German spending.

    If Germany place an extra tranny in baltic sea, and an Art in Fin, and purchase 2 DD’s and 2 Trannies in order to build a fleet in the Baltic Sea, who can threaten both UK and Leningrad, then the Allies must place 3 extra Inf in Len and one in UK.

    If Germany place an extra tranny in Med, and an Art in Tun, then UK must spend all $12 in Egypt.

    If Germany place 3 Art adjacent to the Russian border, then USSR must place 4 extra Inf in their border.

    If Germany place an extra sub in a sea-zone adjacent to a US convoy, then US must spend the $12 on a DD.

    If the Allies dont place their extra $12 cash advantage units as a reaction to the German placement, then the Axis will get the initiative, and capitalize on the momentum this fact unevedently will recive, for sure.

  • Axis
    3 art (reason stated before)

    In the games I have played buying four infantry in Russia does not do a lot of good since both Germany and Russia have so many units, four infantry is really insignificant.
    A much better way to spend your money is to buy a flexible unit (like a fighter) that can help with all the differnet tasks needed to be preformed in the med (supporting amphibious landings, destroying German ships,…)
    In the med a fighter can make a big difference sense their are so few units down there.

  • As a reaction to an additional german trans in the baltic or any other placement of ground forces in Eastern Europe an addtional fighter would raise the russian airforce to 2 fig, 1 bmb.

    Trading countries with airforce assistance minimizes failure in your attack and losses on the enemy counterattack. One additional reusable attack unit is excellent to slow german progress at reasonable costs.
    And should it all go wrong there is an additional 4 defending Moscow.

    1 fig is less pieces than 4 inf or 3 art

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