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    This thread is to list out the units you’ve received in your booster packs.

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    Booster 1:
    K1-61 “Tony” (average, Japan)
    BF 109F “Friedrich” (veteran, Germany)
    Hurricane MK 1 (average, United Kingdom)

    Booster 2:
    YAK-1 Rookie (poor, Soviet Union)
    C.202 Folgore (average, Italy)
    Navy F4F-3 Wildcat (veteran, USA)

    Booster 3:
    BF 109E Wingman (average, Germany)
    MS.406 “Matimaha” (veteran, Finland)
    P-40C Flying Tiger (veteran, China)

  • The only disappointing thing is that I got all of the planes that are in the Starter Kit in the booster packs too, except the BF-110C.

    Booster Pack 1- I-16 Ishak (17), Kosciuszko Hurricane MKI (19), BF-109E Wingman (4)

    Booster Pack 2- BF-109 “Gustav” Ace (6), P-40C Flying Tiger (25), C.202 Folgore (9)

    Booster Pack 3- KI-6I “Tony” (18), MS.406 “Matimaha” (21), P-40B Rookie (24)

    Booster Pack 4- Yak-I Rookie (31), Channel Front FW-190A (11), A6M2 “Zeke” (1)

    Booster Pack 5- BF-109E Ace (3), BF-109 F “Friedrich” (5), C.200 Saetta Rookie (8)

    Booster Pack 6- MS.406 “Matimaha” Duplicate, MS.406 Rookie (22), P-51B Mustang Ace (26)

    Booster Pack 7- BF-109G “Gustav” Ace Duplicate, Spitfire MKI Ace (28), Navy F4F-3 Wildcat (23)

    Booster Pack 8- I-16 “ABU” (16), C.202 Folgare Ace (10), Hurricane MKI (15)

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    Would the bf 110 even fit into a booster. It seems like the wing span might be too wide.

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    No, I tested it out. It warps the box.


    Would the bf 110 even fit into a booster. It seems like the wing span might be too wide.

  • To see my booster unboxing video, go to youtube and search “axis & allies angels twenty booster unboxing”

    Sorry for the video quality.  My 8 year old daughter filmed it.

    In short, I was missing the rookie & AVG P-40’s, one of the FW190’s, the white ME109, the white zero, and one of the italian planes.   I managed to get all of the starter set planes in my booster case (minus the start set exclusive 110).

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    you should put a direct link within ur post or new post. I like christmas in March 😛

  • '18 Customizer

    Great Vid. Your daughter did a great job with the video. I bought a full set to avoid endless booster purchases……and it was Christmas in March. 😄

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