• alpha 2: Collect 5 IPCs per turn for EACH of the following territories, Novgorod (Leningrad), Volgograd (Stalingrad), and/or Russia (Moscow) controlled by the Axis. Theme: High strategic and propaganda value.

    alpha 3: 5 IPCs per territory if Germany controls Novgorod (Leningrad), Volgograd (Stalingrad), and/or Russia (Moscow). Theme: High strategic and propaganda value.

    nothing was marked in red or green showing that there were no changes from 2 to 3. but there are. did he just type it too quickly and we follow alpha 3 or we have to pick out the new hidden stuff in the poorly worded alpha 3?

    if so would this apply to all the hidden changes in alpha 3?

  • Well, it is different wording, but the rule is the same, isn’t it?

  • Customizer

    Not quite.  In Alpha+3, it says that Germany has to control those territories to collect the $5 NO.  In Alpha+2, it only says Axis control so technically Italy or Japan could control those territories and Germany would still get the $5 NO for them.

    So Keodis, if you want to use the Alpha+3 rules, then Germany has to control those territories.

  • The part that I don’t get is those changes are not hilighted in red or green in the alpa 3 forum on Larry’s site. Can it be because he retyed alpha 3 rather than change alpha 2 ( you can tell because alpha 3 is worded differenly ) he accidentally changed the NO and its still the same as alpha 2 because it isn’t marked in red/green.

    I really don’t want to look for non highlighted rules looking change

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    That change was intentional.  It was not highlighted as it should have been.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

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