Japan Taking Africa?

  • This may seem weird, but this one game, I used a minor Japanese navy with a loaded transport and start landing in random places in the Middle East and then Africa. Since hoping Italy wiped out Egypt, Africa will be empty, and if the European British income has to deal with Germany and Japan, they might get crushed, because despite Russia’s best effort, Britain needs to be in the water, or else Germany will stock up against Russia and the allies will die. Now if South Africa is being reinforced Italy can help Japan and together they can rule Africa and the Middle East. For the US, since Italy has nothing better to do after, they can build a minor IC in Egypt and build some units, because remember their fighting a two way war. It usually takes a long time for Italy to take over Africa for good, but now Britain will be struggling quicker. Oh and btw, that navy can also sink the Med navy, to help the Italians.

    If someone else has done this, how’d it go?

  • I had a game once where Japan owned most of the board (Russia, China, Calcutta, Hawaii, and most of Africa) however, I lost because Germany and Italy were both wiped out (this was also before the new victory conditions for the axis, as I would’ve won otherwise due to Japan’s VC amount) It was 1 axis power vs too many opponents. In your situation, if Japan isn’t in jeopardy in it’s own realm of influence, and Germany/Italy are still strong contenders, you should have a good chance of winning if all 3 are close enough somewhere on the board to help. Try taking Japanese forces from South Africa and conquer Brazil. At the very least, it will distract the U.S.A. This is all just my opinion though. A general must follow his own instincts  😉

  • This is something to keep in mind when you’re Japanese Navy is pushed out of the Pacific by the superior American Navy.  Make sure you have troops on the transports with this fleet, as a roaming japanese navy with ground units mixed in is twice as dangerous to leave be.  These units can also be used to strengthen Italy’s position in Africa or make a move on Saf.

  • Has anyone considered taking out ANZAC on J3? If the fleet is in Caroline Islands it is a threat to Hawaii and US fleet and threat to ANZAC and threat to Philipines? Are there any negatives? Japan could place 10-12 ground forces in Queensland on J3. J4 it takes NSW with combined ground and air attack. Leave a couple of dd blockers near hawaii and time for Japs to rebuild navy to counter the US fleet.
    Sargon the Assyrian

  • one time japan ended up in brazil not sure how it happenend then when they took africa The us and the bags of money shot me out of brazil took the IC in south africa and got to keep africa for a little wile Then i ended up in the middle of russi a with moscow lenigrad stlingrad still not 100% sure how the heck the happenned…

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