Axis and Allies for $

  • I’ve been playing our game for about 13 years now, and still find it challenging to this day. I play with a core group and we comprise approximately 68 years of “Axis” experience among the four of us. I’ve seen all kinds of different approaches to winning: aggressive first year strikes, systematic build-ups with defensive posture, unorthidox strategy aimed at the U.S. and or Japan. But in all my years, I have never felt more focused, more consumed by each deployment than when $'s are on the line. Between '92 and '94, I earned aprox. $2000 playing Axis and Allies at $50 to $200 a game. Believe me, when $200 is on the line, you will think twice about sending just a sub and a fighter on the English battleship off Gibralter. You have to send the bomber. I know most of you are probably the “Big Kahuna’s” in your groups and couldn’t find a money player to save your life. But Axis is like pool. It takes tens to hundreds of games to master. It takes practice, forsight, and experience to be succsessful. So find your match. Don’t be satisfied with another win against the same old stiffs. Don’t be impressed by an “on-line” win. Play the game the way it was ment to be played. Head to head. $ on $.

    “When you mobilize the army and form strategic plans, you must be unfathomable.” - Sun Tzu

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