Much more difficult for axis to win?

  • in your playing experiences what do you find to be the ratio between allied and axis victory? for instance 80/20 meaning allies win 80% of the time you play and axis 20%.

  • I don’t keep track of silly things like that, I just play. Thinking back it’s really quite difficult to tell who has won more games although it seems the axis have; just a feeling.

  • when my group and I first started to play, it seemed the axis always won…but now it seems to favour the allies

  • '10

    What ruleset are you playing with?

  • Your numbers are pretty much correct. 80% of the time, using the standard ruleset, the allieswill win. Use Russia Restricted and you will bring it to roughly 65/45. Add a bid in, and you will attain a 50/50 average.

  • I think that the game is balanced without russia restricted or bids. I think it’s merely a matter of stratagy, the better stratagy with properly applied tactics will win, despite which country is being played.

  • On the contrary Mr. Bossk. You must remember that this is a game, and games are designed. This game is designed with certain variants for success. example; Germany and Japan race to squeeze the life outta Russia for an axis victory…or…the allies team up on Germany before they clobber Russia. We all seem to agree on these statements, but we all have different ways of accomplishing those results. We all know what to do, its how we do it that makes it a challenge.
    So with that said, the game is somewhat set up that if you want to win, you must follow either one of the above mentioned…it just so happens that the allies have the edge. Which is why people have developed “house rules” to balance the game out.
    The only game where the outcome is not set up…is life.
    ( you can quote me on that if you like )

  • And, if you think about it, Russia Restricted is more realistic. Germany got the jump on Russia, not the other way around. Although this is represented by Germany starting out with Ukraine.

  • what do you guys mean by russia restricted and bid?

  • But you must remember this is spring 1942, the German’s offensive on the eastern front was near to stalling, this is the point in the war where Russia began to get her offensive going. If you really wanted realism then Japan wouldn’t be at war with the USSR, but, according to most stratagies presented here, that would be suicide.
    I think somewhat outside of your box and like to go for a more balanced offensive against all the allies. Granted Russia is still very important in my mind but it’s not the point of the game. You see, by breaking the traditional boundaries that have been established here you can create wonderful new things. Please don’t tell me you’ve tried it all, that would be most disappointing. Minds are like parachutes, they only work when open.

  • Russia restricted - Russia Cannot attack first turn, they can however do Buy/Tech Rolls/Non Combat/Place

    Bid - You put Money And/Or units onto the allies. an example of a bid would be:

    Player 1 - I bid 21 IPCs for the axis
    Player 2 - I don’t think I can beat the axis with 21 IPCs, so I bid 20 IPCs
    Player 1 - 18
    player 2 - Deal

    Player 1 then places 18 IPCs worth of units as the Axis.

  • Bossk,
    Exactly, this is a game…the designers spent many hours trying to make this game fair, challenging, diverse, and historically acurate. But you can’t have all it all. I do try new things to spice up the game…what I meant was that the main objectives for true success are basically the same. Travel too far off the beaten trail, and your toast…

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