Axis Strategy that would be cool if it worked.

  • This strategy is for use towards the ultimate Axis victory. But this strategy’s main fault is that you really have to depend on luck of the die at some moments and on the Allied players’ faults, too. The whole idea is to use a pincer movement in which the Germans come from the West and the Japanese come from the East and efficiently attack the Soviet Union. But the difference between this and other usual strategies is that the Germans and Japanese main focuses of the game is to take Russia quickly and then focus on the other objectives. The Germans build up their forces on the Eastern Front quickly and invade as soon as possible with over-whelming forces. The Japanese do the same but, of course, on the Russo-Manchurian border. Once the Germans and Japanese have to put most of their forces into the Russian attack, and hopefully, with luck of the die and misfortunes for the Soviet player, the Axis will be able to conquer the Soviet Union. During this huge attack against Russia, the Germans will be putting some forces into attacking the British in Africa and the UK navies around Europe. And the Japanese shall be attacking China, Sinkiang, India, Australia, and New Zealand while also dealing a death blow to the U.S. navy, like most games. The Japanese will have a difficult journey ahead of them in the beginning of the game but after they hopefully succeed in the invasion of Russia, they then have a pretty easy job. After the Germans and the Japanese have successfully completed their job as taking Russia and their other minor objectives. The Japanese player’s only job will then be to harass, annoy, and distract the American player in the Pacific so as to take American pressure off of Germany. While the Japanese do this, the Germans shall be amassing a invading fleet for the inevitable amphibious attack against Britain. But when the Germans are doing this, they can also put some IPCs towards getting Heavy and Long-Range bombers. Once and if they get these two industrial technologies, you can then proceed to do the almost unbelievable. You can strategic bomb the Western U.S. from Western Europe. By doing this, you will, of course, take money away from America and you will also take pressure off the Japan. The American player will be, hopefully, scared by this act and will put more effort into defeating Germany since they wouldn’t want to be strategically bombed again. And once the Japanese threaten the Americans with their navies in the Pacific and the Germans attack the industry of western U.S., the U.S. will be undecided in which Axis member to attack. And during this, the Germans should then proceed to invade England and keep on attacking until it capitulates. Once again, this strategy does depend alot on luck but it would be a very cool and interesting strategy if successful. I just love the idea of strategic bombing the US as Germany.

  • So lemme get this straight…

    The first half:
    Kill Russia first
    Sink the initial UK navy + quickly grab Africa
    Do Pearl Harbor

    OK, sounds like the standard Axis strategy…

    The second half:
    Watch Russia curl up and die :roll:
    Get Heavies and Long Range :roll:
    Kill UK

    Hmm… considering the initial Axis strategy is standard, you don’t suppose there’s a standard Allies strategy that deals with that? True, LR and HB can pretty much win the game. But, just saying to get them is a little much. Basically, the first half accepted strategy. Unfortunately, the second half are assumptions based upon assumptions.

  • Exactly, Mr. Casual. Like I said, it’s based on much luck and assumptions that the Allies have misfortunes.

  • Well… it isn’t a strategy at all. It’s basically saying open like everyone else, then win. Kinda falls short of an ultimate strategy.

  • i have tried this combined assault on russia before. but things didnt go so well against the UK. the brit player didnt bother attacking, or even liberating africa. he just kept buying infantry every turn and camping on the isles. by the time i was ready to attack him, he had over 40 INF. i sent bomber fleets from russia (japanese controlled) and kept ferrying units across. but i coulnd break him. most players would never expect a UK sit-and-wait strat. but it works pretty well to keep the axis from winning if they go Russia 1st. it gives the US time to get into the game.

  • From what I see, your strategy does nothing to attack Sinkiang, China and India, giving them time to build ICs and making the Japanese road to Russia essentially impossible. Also, what about the U.S./U.K. shuck? If the conveyor belt really gets going, you have to deal with 6-8 Inf a turn, if not more, and that will make Russia impossible to defeat without sacrificing Berlin. Play your strategy with a little more support on WEu and knocking out Southern Asia (which also gives Japan $7 to use, not the Allies), and it will probably work. Just going through Manch is asking for trouble.

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