This is a new strategy that we have developed for the axis. On average dice a good axis player WILL WIN with this strategy. If the dice roll in the allies favor and the hit an unusual number of bombers the Axis is doomed to defeat. Its risky but a fun varriation for the Axis.

    The basics:

    Bomb the hell out of russia!
    I will not tell every single move that I do with this strategy. Surely you have some imagination!


    Round 1 Germany buys 2 bombers, Japan buys 1 bomber and 3I
    Germany has to bomb russia starting on round 1, Take out ALL UK NAVY with the exception of the sub in sudan. Japan has to do pearl harbour….its classic… and secure Manchuria. Mancuria is the location where you are able to bumb moscow from.

    *** if you do nto do pearl harbour you will find out in a hury why I say it is a must 🙂


    Round 2 - 4,5

    Depending on what the allies are up to germnany can buy 1 bomber per round untill a major invasiion is imminant in which case the buy ALL INFANTRY. Japan does the same, 1 bomber per round plus infantry and possible a 3rd transport.

    Basically the bombing will have russian pruchasing power nutrilized by round 3. Infact if they can buy more than 2 infantry in round 3 they should consider themselfs lucky.

    The dual effect of the german bombers and fighters is to FORCE the allies to wait 1-2 extra round befor building thier navy. 5 fighters and 3-4 bombers can destroy a very larg navy with easy and as germany you should not even think twice abotu attacking a navy that they build if they do not have a strong defence. You will lose fighters but the allies have to rebuild from scratch and it should take about 2 rounds.

    On the Japan side. Japan can not get hyper active. Take it slow. When you advance 1 territory make it count, secure it. My suggestion is russian territoruies first, after all it is russia that you want devastated.

    Thats the basics. Have some imagination and have fun with this strategy…as liong as the allies only take the average of 1 bomber/ 6 bombings you will do fine.


    UK will get very strong! Japan can not afford to go after the UK territory too fast or they will blunder thier own troops making a UK advance from india very easy. KEEP IN MIND… if germany takes all of russias money except 6 bucks or less who will japan bomb???

    Germany has to BE VERY CAREFULL. Basically the africa campaign is abandoned



  • Hmm… You need to have a bit of luck avoiding the aa, though…

    Problem with stratbomb is that you might score low…

    After round 1-2 bombruns,I rather use my bombers from Germany to bomb infantry used as meat in eastern russia, so that Japan can move in on Moscow from the east. It has a worse odds, but creates more flexibility in coordinating Germany and Japan against the reds.

    The odds are that you loose one or two German bombers but russia need to reinforce their eastfront in order not to be blitzed by japaneese tanks.

    I give up Africa, and in worst case, and in the extension of the game I give up SE Asia.

    German fighters are used against brittish navies…

  • Keep in mind, if you lose your bombers to the AA gun, its not going to be easy to rebuild them. Make sure you go agressive in Africa, you will need the cash.

  • oh cousre you could tech and get heavy bomber. That wouold proably help a lot. What the odds of you getting heavy bombers! I found out it that allies’ AA guns are fix or something. Everytime either germany or japan i put on bomber in russia or england and out of 3: i lose 2 bombers out a 3!!! Or maybe it might be the axis’s bad luck

  • I would think that even if you could limit Russia to 1-2 infantry per turn, you will now have a problem with the Allies in the Atlantic. By purchasing 3 bombers, you no longer have 15 infantry. How do you intend to protect yourself from invasion by GB and US? And if you somehow do, they are then certainly capable of reinforcing Russia to the point where you are unable to take it. (And with Japan buying bombers instead of transports, Russia will not need to worry to much about the Japanese).

    I don’t believe that these 3 bombers will be sufficient to keep the Allies Navy under control either.

    Having said all this, as Germany I do like to stategic bomb Russia (not GB as my concern is the Red army and whether or not Japan is able to get to Moscow) when I have nothing better to attack with my original bomber (why let it sit idle, it only defends with a die of 1?).

  • I ratehr like strat bombing the British whenever I don’t have a better naval target for my bomber. It tends to prevent the nasty buildup of things like transports and aircraft carriers, especially if I’ve taken Africa.

  • Some comments from forum newbie. I’ve played A&A board version dozens of times; and the 'puter version hundreds (no exageration) of times

    Quite obviously, the board version of A&A heavily favors Allies.

    With British carrier in North Sea followed by US fighters landing on same carrier (all in round 1), Germany is effectively reduced to land-only ops in Europe for the rest of the game. With a Karelia assault Germany’s only real hope, Allies simply take Finland and pour/transport infantry through same and into Karelia.

    Whereas the Japs enjoy some fun/expansion in the early game, their required assault on Moscow is too little too late b4 Germany is overrun.

    Kicking transport costs up to at least 10 and prohibiting new industry for Allies mitigates the imbalance.

    Whereas the 'puter versions could play out the same way, the AI is so weak that the Axis can win easily. That said, the AI fights back w/ loaded dice. Strat bombing and picking off transports w/ planes is generally inadvisable against AI.

  • Not necessarily, normally Britain doesn’t have an existing transport when I play, but sure I guess there are some variations for taking out the english navy. I’m of the opinion that a skilled Japanese player can do what Germany needs it to do fast enough with regular rolls. Normally, the English and American navies just can’t build up fast enough to save Russia.

  • Yeah I am aware of the luck factor. If you read my post you will see that I said this works on even dice or if the dice are in your favor. If you are not lucky….such as rolling low or the opponent scroes too many AA shots this strat will fail. I have used it and it will work on even dice. The plan is to nutrilize russia and force the allies to delay construction of thier navy. If you have 5 fighters and 3-5 bombers it takes a farily large navy to withstand an attack. UK can not simply build 2-3 transports with a carrier and a fighter… it takes WAY more.

  • The use of strat bombing is a very risky manuever.

    A bomber costs $15. It will do, on average die rolls, $3 worth of damage for every sortie it flys. That means it takes 5 successful sorties (read: turns) for the bomber to pay for itself (5 x $3 = 15). AA has a 1/6 chance of knocking you out every sortie.

    Odds of your bomber being shot down on or before the 5th sortie: 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 = 5/6

    Basically, you have a 16.7% chance of successfully completing your 5th bombing run. In short: it’s a dubious long-term strategy for any country to engage in (IMO).

    Obviously, you can (more than) pay for the bomber on exceptional rolls, but anyone who relies on “luck” in A&A will not have very consistent games.


  • very small point,
    but i think the average roll for a bomber would be 3.5 ipcs. Although this does not make sense intuitively, consider that for every “1” you can get a “six” = 7, for every “2”, a “5” = 7, for every “3”, a “4” = 7. Divide by 2 and you get 3.5.
    4 x 3.5 = 14 - so just over 4 sorties.

    The problem with using your bmb’s this way, is that you put them at risk to barely pay for themselves, but they ALSO can not be used in taking dead zones, attacking other territories, killing navies, etc. While a strat bombing used appropriately may be devestating, it is also a resource that could well be used elsewhere.

  • Doh! You’re absolutely correct: it does average out to $3.5 IPC per run.

    And yes, I should have mentioned that your bomber can be used for a variety of other tasks which will definitely increase its chances of paying for itself (if used correctly).


  • Personally when I play Germany, I spend all of my money on tanks.
    Bombers sound like a good strategy for Japan though, as long as you control East Asia. If the Allies have a decent enough foothold there, you will waste a lot of money on bombers that can’t defend worth a shit

  • "Odds of your bomber being shot down on or before the 5th sortie: 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 + 1/6 = 5/6 "

    thats not true at all. u have to use a multiplicative connection in this case: the odds of the bomber performing strat.bomb successfully are 5/6. U are going for 5 runs. So the result is 5/65/65/65/65/6 = (5/6) ^ 5 ~ 40%

    u have a probability of 40% to strike for 3,5*5 = 17,5 IPC at costs of 15 IPC. which still isnt a good deal imho…

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