• Now that I have a better chance to look at the game board, I’m thinking of using the “Final Solution.” No, not the Jewish solution, but instead cutting off the head of the Viper, Germany itself. At least I know it works. I’m this one game we played, Russia had taken Eastern Europe on his turn but at heavy cost. On Germany’s turn, they stacked in Southern Europe, Western, and Germany. My allies we’re able to convince the German into thinking that the US/UK D-Day invasion would come at Western Europe, where it was the second most heavily defended (next to Europe). Instead, we used the US and UK turn to land in Germany. We still weren’t able to take it. So on the next round, Russia was able to take Germany and seal the game. The Germans were able to recapture Germany on their turn, but the IPC loss was unbearable that they couldn’t hold out much longer.

  • I almost never take it, but threatening Southern Europe is the best way to get Eastern Europe to fall, especially if Germany is still in Africa. Once both the US and UK fleet are established, I will usually land 8-10 US infantry in Algeria and keep the UK in the North Sea, forcing Germany to try and defend all four countries. This is a bluff unless they don’t defend Southern Europe - I leave the men to mop up Africa and eventually push towards Japan.

    If you time the Africa landing right Germany can’t defend all four countries, and either WE or EE will fall for good. Usually they will just be forced to pull out of Eastern Europe.

  • Pulling out of Eastern Europe is a deathtrap! But seriously, you’re screwed if you did and screwed if you don’t since you’re know forced to defend two separate territories along with the unbearable 3 IPC loss. But anyways, Western Europe is probably the most feasible and the most advantageous of all the territories to take with USA and UK. But if you can position your transports correctly, you can strikes all German territories at once depending what is the most heavily under-defended.

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