Japan Kill America First

  • A month or two ago I posted this strategy for Japan in AAR about taking the heat of Germany and taking the Mnr US VC in Nth America


    A strategy employed to annoy the USA is to land units in Alaska and take the pressure of Germany so they can take Moscow. But why not take this one step further and focus on taking LA/San Fran?

    This is an alternate Japanese strategy to that of the Moscow/Berlin race that is seen in most games. This could be taken over to global '40 but it would be a lot harder to preform. Also could be used for spring '42.

    For this strategy to be implemented you will need to following things to have happened:

    • Allies play the standard KGF

    • No UK factory in india

    • No US factory in China/Sinkijiang

    Here is the standard move for J1 on this strategy:

    India capture with inf in FIC and Shanghai transport used to move inf from Shanghai to FIC and air support.
    Move 2 inf from Japan to Shanghai with sz60 tran.
    2 inf 6 Ipc
    2 Art 8 ipc
    2 Tran 16 ipc
    total 30 ipc

    Earned 33 Ipc


    Shanghai tran that will be close to FIC moved to sz 61 and move 2inf from Japan to Manchuria and move them into Shanghai.

    You will have in:
    Shanghai: 5 inf
    Japan: 2inf, 3art,1 arm, 1 Bmr and maybe 1 fighter
    India, FIC, Manchuria 2-3 inf and maybe 1 fighter in each

    same as J1

    Ipc earned 33 left over from buy 3 total 36

    Take china with air support 2-3 fighters and 5 inf in Shanghai
    Only if no SU forces in it and 2-3 inf plus fighter in it.

    Same as J1

    at the end of this turn you should have:
    Japan: 4inf, 5art, 1arm
    SZ60: 1bb, 6 tran

    J4 this is the important turn

    Invade Alaska with 3 tran carrying 1 inf + 1art each. Use your BB bombardment to kill the inf. If Alaska has to large a force in it use all 6 tran and take all units out of Japan or use your trans to shuck units onto the mainland and push for Moscow. You shoudn’t have to do this as Britain and the USA will be focussed on taking Berlin and preforming D-DAY.

    After you have taken Alaska you will be earning 37 IPC per turn.
    You have 36 IPC to spend

    3 inf 9
    2 art 8
    2 tran 16
    total 33

    end turn IPC total 40

    Japan: 4 INF, 4 ART, 1 ARM
    SZ60: 5 tran
    Alaska: 3 INF, 3 ART
    SZ 63: 1 BB, 3 TRAN


    4 TRANS shuck 4 inf + art to Alaska
    3 trans in sz63 return to sz 60

    4INF, 4 ART

    12 ipc to do what you want with

    earn the 37 plus what you didn’t spend


    same as J5 build and move 4art+inf to Alaska
    Move 4 tran back to sz60 from 63

    same as J6

    when you have a big enough force probably J6 move units into Western Canada. Every NCM move units that landed in Alaska to WC and strike at LA and place build units into there and try and hold from the American counter. If succesful build up your force and strike at Washington. Even without taking Washington you will win as the US forces will be trying to take LA back from you and with Calcutta and LA under your control if you and Germany have lost no VC’s you have 8 if Germany take Lenningrad or Moscow you win if Playing LHTR. If not and going for 10 vc’s Germany should be able to take Moscow and win. If playing 12 you will attack Washington and Germany will attack London. You should still win with both of you sending forces through the former SU and through Africa to collect IPC for yourselves and take them from UK.

    This seems easy in concept but is hard to pull off but if successful you will win easily. Because of its diffuclty to be successful players usually stay in Alaska/WC and threaten LA rather than attempt to take it.

    I tried it in revised and pulled of the capture of LA but not Washington as Moscow had been weakened by a huge German force about 6 ing, 6 art, 30 arm against about 45 SU inf We also had leningrad and calcutta so we won with one to many VC’s (We played LHTR)The Uk and US 1-2 punch in France failed as the US had to try and retake two VC’s in one turn

    I’m now going to try and attempt to convert this into a G40 strat while still taking China and Far eastern Russia.

    We assume that Russia moves 18 inf into Bry

    Also will only see pacific side of the board as what happens in Europe doesn’t affect it much except if US starts spending Money in the Pacific

    J1 build
    2 tran
    save 0

    Hun and Yun with normal forces

    Take Amu with forces in Korea and Man

    Take Cha and Anh with forces in Jeh and Sha

    Take FIC with forces in siam
    Hun and Yun loses may be different to what I show. But thats ok as it doesn’t majorly affect the strat.

    Fig For-Japan
    Fig Okin-Japan
    Inf Okin v/ tran Z20-19-20 -Ksi
    DD,CV,Tact,Fig Z33-36
    CC,DD,BB,SS Z19-36

    Mnr in Shanghai
    2 tran Z6


    Now some assumptions to be made
    US retreats from Phil with fig to guam
    2 inf v/tran to Z23
    DD - Z23

    It doesnt matter if US doesn’t retreat from Phil it will mean you will occur some loses though
    Lets assume China takes back Yun and strengths its position

    I have entered in some standard Brit and ANZAC moves.

    J1 complete J2 coming soon
    Jap KAF J1.AAM

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