Does the US already have Bin Laden?

  • Maybe you heard …
    An Israeli newspaper has reported that
    An Israeli radio station is reporting that
    the US/Pakistani forces have captured
    UBL. The Bush administration is denying it.

    After the recent captures and materials recovered
    the Al Queda(spelled a few different ways as I’ve seen)
    may be scurrying for new hidey holes.
    Their mistake. It would take us some time to look
    through the materials and act, but if they move
    before planning they may expose :oops:
    themselves. Heh heh!

  • I doubt we’d keep it secret if we had Osama. He’s just so hated.

  • I heard that rurmor as well, If we had him Bush would tell us fast. His aproval rating would jump at least 10 points. But then again he could be saving the news for 2004. I’ll put my money that its just a rurmor.

  • I listen to Israeli radio and read Israeli newspapers and I dont think I saw any articles about the US capturing Bin Laden. Which readio station and newspaper was it?

  • Sorry, but I don’t know. I heard it on a local radio station. If I remember correctly the talk show host(who chats about the days news that he thinks is important) didn’t say. That is one thing that pisses me off about a lot of talk show hosts! From Limbaugh to the local guys, they seem to give us news without a source. A newspaper might be mentioned once, but when you are not from that town or country, and you don’t recognize/recall it(unless it is the New York Times/Washington Post.) A survey is quoted but no organization or website to folow-up.


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