US Troops complain about Woodruff&Vogt coverage…


    US citizens and conservative radio commentators(Rush and Hannity at least) have also complained.
    Limbaugh has started a Count Up of Newsies killed until they leae the theatre.

    I have never seen so much coverage.  Not even the Beauteous(?) Buxom(?) Blonde(?) US Army SUPER Hero(later magnanamously said “others were the heroes”) who was snagged had her attack covered in as much detail.

    So many tears over so few.  It’s their job…they chose it.
    Why not more tears/coverage over the 2265+ US Troops killed to date??

    How did the President of ABC Snoooze put it…
    “It’s like losing family.  It brought it home.”

    What have you been covering?!?!

  • Um… because journalists protect their own? I don’t see what they are complaining about.

    Oh yeah… that is all Rush and Sean do.

  • One could point out that coverage of our losses has been deemed as being defeatest. That they went bonkers when a photo of flag drapped coffins was leaked. If we are not giving our soldiers their due, I would blame the people that say we should not be sad because the losses don’t compare to what has been seen in other wars. Rush and his cohorts need to pick a side of this issue. You can’t have it both ways or you seem… less than honest.

  • HHhmmm, was there the same hue and cry over Rush and Hannity constantly reporting about that former pro-football player who was KIA a couple of years ago?

    You know, the one who was lauded as a hero, gave up his career and died in Afghanistan, etc., etc….

    The one that we found out (very quietly) a few months later was killed by our own troops?

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