What is the UN? What's it Doing? US Remain & Pay for it?

  • We won?

    Korea 🙂

    Tell me, how did the Vietnam war actually start? Minimal casualties showed that the US military did an outstanding job in trainning. Perhaps the more casualties the better?

    No, my point is Vietnam was a folly, but we didn’t pay the incredible price for it that a lot of people make it out to be. The Vietnameese were the ones who really got hit hard by the war. A Million soldiers dead, no telling how many civilians died. Their country in ruins.

    How did it start? French Imperialism.

    How so?

    Back up, someone was talking about how the UN did nothing in Korea or Vietnam. That means the UN should of helped us out in our wars. Under that logic, the UN should of helped Russia in it’s war in Afganistan.

  • Back up, someone was talking about how the UN did nothing in Korea or Vietnam. That means the UN should of helped us out in our wars.

    Who said this?


    Boundry lines pretty much stayed the same.

    How did it start? French Imperialism.

    No disputing that.

  • D:S said it.

  • back to the original premise - of US soldiers dying in UN peacekeeping missions.
    i don’t know about the numbers, but very few soldiers die in these missions. Also most countries contribute many soldiers to these. The vast bulk of Canada’s military is involved in UN-related peacekeeping missions (true, a few have died, but i believe that they saved the lives of a great many more people). The wars that Americans tend to die in are American initiated wars ('cept for Somalia - ouch).
    Korea and Vietnam - not going to touch those. Canada actually did contribute soldiers to these wars (believe it or not - more Canadians fought in Vietnam than Americans came to Canada to dodge the draft).

  • 'cept for Somalia - ouch

    There were a lot of other places… but they weren’t made into movies 🙂

  • @Yanny:

    D:S said it.

    When did I ever say that?

  • You guys need to read up on your history a little. The Korean war was a UN police action to protect a nation with a popular, stable, and well established government from an invasion. Many French, British, and Canadian soldiers, as well as many from other countries were involved in all aspects of the war. The Veitnam war was not a UN operation. It started as a revolution in the south by the Viet-Cong against a very unpopular, oppressive, totalitarian regime. From there, North Vietnam decided to assist the revolutionaries and the US decided to prop up the South’s government. Since it was technically a revolution, the UN decided to stay completely uninvolved (aside from hosting peace talks between the two sides, which constantly broke down).

  • @Deviant:Scripter:

    We may pay our dues late, but I’m saying that we compensate for that by risking the lives of our American troops in defense of countries all over the world, for encounters such as you listed above. No other country even comes close to shipping the amount of soldiers that we do, and UN conflict or not, our soldiers are fighting for everyone.

    Ahm, so you are allowed not to pay your taxes, as you work as policeman or soldier, and do enough good to the public with that?
    That is what you imply.
    We don’t pay the UN,
    we send troops to everywhere, even/especially to things totally unrelated to the UN, but still this is enough reason not to pay the UN, which has nothing to do with the wars we fight in……

    Did i capture your above lines correctly?
    If i start to intervene wherever i want, even when i am not asked to, i then can keep my money to myself??

  • good idea F_alk.
    i’m going to not pay taxes,
    and go around beating up punk kids vigilante-style. Besides, some of them don’t like me and the may be carrying weapons - the only way to find out is to kick their ass. Plus this way i don’t have to pay my property taxes for helping make the city a better place.
    Of course city employees pay taxes, and very few of them have any write-offs, but i’m special.

  • @Deviant:Scripter:

    I didn’t say it was a military organization!

    For example: When the UN got involved with Iraq back in '91 (or whatever is was), who did most of the fighting to liberate Kuwait?

  • USA does pays its dues. Maybe not always on time, but does every country in the UN manage to pay on time?

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