Average time to complete one round of AAG40?

  • Just curious,
    how long is it taking on average to complete one round of AAG40.
    With older AA games players were taking so long we started using an egg timer, every player must complete combat moves in 10 min. This moved the game along but one round was still like an hour.

  • Our turns are usually an hour to an hour and half depending on if there are new people or how long it has been since some of us last played. Encourage people to have their buys ready before their turn. An experienced player will not change their buy drastically without a VERY good reason. Remember you want the enemy to play YOUR game not the other way around. (That being said their are occasions where you will need to scrap a buy and change things, but otherwise this is a good general rule)

  • I think we got down to 45 minutes later in a game.  Even with Anniversary we would set Battlestar episodes playing in the back ground and make decent time.  I will NEVER be able to play the BBC’s World At War in the background during Global.  Turns would take all night.

    Germany has a pretty easy time pre planning its buys

    Russia goes right after Germany but has a relatively easy purchase phase.

    Japan is next and usually isn’t too influenced by what Russia does.  Sometimes the 18 infantry move makes Japan change its plans.

    The UK / India purchase phase is like two powers and needs planned ahead.  India is soo reactionary to Japan though.  Easier after Japan gets them down to 12 IPC lol.

    Australia has to talk see what happens with India frequently.  Not like they usually have tons of money to spend though at least.

    Italy sometimes isn’t done figuring out how to counter the UK by the end of Australia’s quicker turns.  Italy has to be careful too.

    The US isn’t real dependent on Italy to decide what it buys.  Has tons of money though.

    China should be ready.  Germany gets to react to what America does during this time.

    France, a speedbump of unit moves to give Germany time to react to anything unusual America does.

  • I noticed while playing the Allies that the majority of the purchase decisions are made during Japan’s turn. Usually I could work out most of the basic strategy and purchases for UK Europe and India, ANZAC, the US, China, and France (lol) before Japan finished its turn. Setting up the Allies this way speeds up the turns quite a bit. By round 5 or 6 I’d say we were down to 40-45 min per turn on our first game.

  • i’d say, on average, one hour per round.

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