• RE: $$ in Pacific taking away from Asia (you mean Europe right?) :-) I agree that if Germany was failing then don’t take your foot of her throat by switching to the Pacific via the “Japanese Overload”. This strategy is used if a hiccup develops in the US supply route AND the opportunity presents itself. In this case the Germans had a small Med. Fleet around T5 (Brit bomber was lost on T1 trying to take out the Med fleet) and had moved it in the SZ south of Gibralter. The Germans still had 5 fighters and a bomber, brits had to hit the fleet (BB + 2 transports and a sub!) and moved their navy to that SZ, the USA had to follow or split the fleet. Not only was 1 complete US transport cycle wasted but was also a waste to drop off 10 transports worth of equipment to Africa to kick out the 4-6 german forces left. Since Japan had just built their second factory in asia it was time to spring the “Japanese Overload”. It’s really a situational gambit more than a strategy one sets out on T1 to follow, besides, it’s constraining to fixate on one stragegy. After the first point of contact between opposing forces…… all strategies go out the window…


    I used to tend to want to try a particular gambit

  • TO : BigBlocky

    Well, i damn like your strategy, wich help those poor russian defend vs japs on asia…

    One thing, hope that Germany will not bomber those transports…
    unless you put one unit (trans ie) on the SZ ascendant to Western Europe, wich will be killed… this surely works well…

    I will try it next time I’ll play.

  • NO< JAPAN’s IPC expendentures in ASIA must go to KILL USSR!
    It’s 2 Axis beating on 1 Ally(USSR) v 3 Allies beating on 1 Axis(Germany!) Odds are with Allies unless
    1)Allies play poorly,
    2)Allies roll poorly,
    3)Axis play excellently, and/or
    4 Axis roll excellently.

    Sounds from the example like your opponent needs to try something new. Or maybe you need to give the AI stronger units :wink: .

  • Burnout… If the brits build the carrier on T1, ya must move the existing transport, if the Germans have a bomber in W. Europe you are a bit of a bind, build 4 transports. There will be a hiccup as you won’t have equipment but that leaves 4 1s against 1 4 on the bomber attack. A safer bet is england save her money, the transport off canada moves south, the US builds 3 transports making 5 in that SZ bring on that lone German bomber that can’t be replaced in reality.

    Xi, I’m not sure what your point is. As for my opponents trying something new. Having 2 transports, a sub and a battleship on Turn 5 for Germany is pretty good for them no? This is the second time you’ve mentioned this and I will agree with you once again. I wish somebody would try something new that works, after well over 100 games in 20 years I don’t see much new at all. To be honest, I feel like an old gun fighter hoping to lose one day… As for the AI… chuckles What AI? Play against the computer? What’s the point, try for victory in 2 rounds instead of 3?


  • Suds, if only I could lose…… snickers Yeah, I’d love a game!


  • Didja ever read any of MY strategy posts?

    Minimally practical, but I always am trying to come up w/ new strategies that work

    It’s tough, tho…


  • Suds, I actuallly did purchase the CD, still have the box bud damned if I can find the CD, been looking for 6 months…. I haven’t used Kaza yet… snickers I write applications for fortune500 companies but never used Kaza, I am getting old… :-) As soon as I get it we’ll line something up! :-)

    Ozone, I’m kinda new here but have been reading pret’near all the new posts. The first thing I did when I got the game was to play each country myself, a complete game. Toss the dice but even out weird rolls… You attack 4 transports and all 4 hit… yeah it happens, but… Best to say just 1 hit or maybe 2. yeah, ya gotta be able to handle that but handle the average case first!


  • You can only play checkers(doublejump) so many times before you gotta change the rules or try a new game. :roll:
    Try rules variations or the expansion
    packs that most gming stores carry! :wink:

  • What’s with all the eye rolling? Can’t we all just get along man? I’ve actually just gotten into AAP, seems there is little comment on that game. I’ve come to the conclusion the Japs have an easy victory with only 22 VPs, I’ve heard most bids are around the 28 mark. Anybody verify that or….?


  • Pardon me!
    I have a lazy eye.
    :roll: :P :wink:

    I’ll try to cut downn on my smileys.

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