(US) hvy bomy/long range - worth the effort?

  • Well, as the topic says - is it worth gambling say 1 or 2 tech rolls in every turn from US 2/3 and forth, to gain the abbility to bomb the shit out of GR and JP?

    The reason I ask for your opinion is simpel:

    In my opinion US - when supporting UK, to stress GR (and then lower the pressure on USSR) - dosn’t have the ressources to gain water control over the Pacific, but will eveantually get hvy bomy to crush the JP fleet & eco, and afterwards crush the german eco, but some tend to belive that this kind of passive US play, is sending USSR to it’s death because not pressing JP enough in the pacific.

    If so - what should US do to avoid that USSR is overrunned by the JP forces in asia?

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    I think if you are going to tech with US and do it early I suggest in rd 1 saving your 36 IPC and then on rd 2 you’ll have a minimum of 70 IPC to spend. Assuming Jap takes China. Now you can buy 10, 12, or even 14 rolls. Chances are you’ll get at least 2 techs, but might get 3 or 4.
    The US impact in rd 1 and 2 is limited anyway so it doesn’t hurt you too much if you tech big early.

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    Oh yeah, personally I don’t like teching by buying 1 or 2 dice. If I go for tech, I go big, minimum 6 rolls, but I like to try to get 8+ rolls (40 IPC).

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    sounds good… if Japan was prevented from taking china (nearly impossible, but the Russians and Brits could do something) then any tech you get isn’t bad except rockets(but even then you could ship an AA gun to Finland Norway :wink: ) …

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    Yep GG. Every tech could benefit the US and depending on what you get you could then gear your play to either pacific (with super subs), or the more traditional gang up on Ger. And with IT you can do whatever the heck you want to.
    HB are obviously deadly in the hands of the US on Rd 2, just get those bombers off the assembly line.

    And to be particularly evil, save the UK rd 1 cash too. 10-12 rd 2 tech rolls for UK, then 12-14 tech rolls for the US.

    I do consider this somewhat unfair for the allies (as they should need no tricks to win) and can take the fun out of the game real quick, but I always keep this strat in my back pocket just in case. Ya never know when you might need it. :D

  • ok, what’s the point of saving usa turn one? The only reason to ever save money in this game is to leave your self open to different options, or to get a fleet in the water that wouln’t sink. Why not just all tek turn 1 with usa. If you get hb or it you win. But the others suck. I would recommend trying to keep the transport alive and send 2 men each turn into finland/karelia because it will give you fodder for your already decent airforce. Maybe you can trade some stuff for russia. I’ll try it an see how it works.

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    Personal preference. I’m not a big fan of tech to begin with, but there are times you need/or should tech. I just perfer to tech big. Plus if you go tech big in rd 2 and UK nails HB and/or IT and/or LR, then the US can just drop 70 IPC of a navy in the Atlantic or Pacific and not bother with tech.
    Certainly with 6-7 rolls in rd 1 you could get a tech, but too many times I’ve rolled with 7, 8, 9 and missed, so I’ve just learned if you’re going to try to win the game via tech, GO BIG, get your techs and end the game.
    The key with tech big is to get multiple techs the combination of IT, HB, and LR basically ends the game. (see SUD post on Jap tech - somewhere around here)

    I agree on keeping the tranny alive you still have 2-3 turns of inf/arm to shuttle to Fin. 2 inf in Eus, 2 in Wus, 1 arm somewhere too.

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    my Idea… more tech’s to develop the merrier :wink:

  • I’m not a huge tech fan either, I agree it is not necessary for the Allies to go tech in order to win. Also they can afford to blow a bit on tech early if they choose but usually when I decide to go tech I wait until I have the Axis halted on all fronts.

    In the beginning the most important thing is to weather the Axis explosion (even more so if it’s a nice bid going and they are really taking it to Russia for example harder than even usual), so with the US in particular I would get the shuck going on. But once you stop the Axis expansion it is acceptable to go toe to toe with them for a few rounds just keeping them in check and going for tech rolls. It’s a gamble but if you do manage to get 6/6 the game is basically over.

  • http://axisandallies.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1795

    DM, I think this is the SUD post you were referring to. It’s about 2/3 down the page and is a Guest post.

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    Yep, that’s the one.

  • So the general idea is……to spend 1 perhaps 2 dices on tech i US1, and the 1 every turn until something usefull turns up, and the use some IPC to stress the JP fleet, and mayby even support the groundforces in either NE USSR or India/China?

    Another note here - assuming that JP does the Pearl Habor move in JP1 I preffer to move my cruiser and tranny to the atlantic theater, because JP useally don’t have more than 1 Amour og 2 inf along with it’s massive navy - therefore I consider a JP invasion unlikley on the Northamerican terr. due to US cabability to produce inf/arm quickley, together with the small UK garrison (1 inf and 1 arm) - so in time I place thes surving units around UK, instead og saccrificing them In a ‘omaha-like’ attack on the surviving JP fleet? Or could they be used better?

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    I don’t think you really have to take the chances on rolling for tech with the US. Once again, I’m not a big fan of tech anyway, but I just think it is more efficiant to just buy trans and inf and ship to Europe. You can basically ignore the Pacific. You are right on with you second point, any attempt by Japan to assualt North America can be sniffed out well in advance and it is easy for the US to defend. So you are safe to move your ships to the Atlantic.
    Depending on the rules you play 2nd or 3rd edition, just get your inf pipeline started in WUS instead of EUS, while you build up your trns. Then when you’re ready to go, you’ll have a constant flow of 8-12 inf from Wus to W can to E can and from there you have 6-8 trns in the uk sz that can dump the inf from Canada to WE or Fin or perhaps even Alg (if the allied fleet is off of Spain).

    Overall it wouldn’t really hurt to roll a die or two per turn, but I just think it is more efficiant (and probably more boring too :D ) to concetrate on getting trns and inf to the European theatre.

  • well i just tried the tek thing:

    I agreed to give germany +2 men in eastern europe. Russia for some reason didn’t defend karelia very well, and it fell hard. Then germany lands it’s air in western europe, and uk get’s lucky and destroys all but 2 fighters. Then I roll 6 tek, get heavy bombers and super subs. So I kill the remaining fighters. Sadly russia wouln’t listen to me, and doesn’t defend russia, instead takes more territories from japan (giving money to germany) russia falls, and we surrender because the axis will easily get 84.

    But if russia didn’t play so bad it would have worked…

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