• okay…y’all are probly gonna think this is a reallly dumb question, but im a rookie (been playing for a month…10 games so far) and i was just wondering, what is bidding?

  • not really a dumb question, i know people who have played for over a year who still think it’s fair to play with standard rules and no bid, then again, they are horrible at the game so…

    anyway the basic idea is that the allies will win 95% of the time against the axis with equal gameplay. Those 5% are probably bad allies dice. Since the game is so one sided, it’s not much fun to play unless it is evened out. What players do, is bid. Say i bid 24, you bid 18, i bid 16, and you pass, then i will get the axis, and before the game starts, i can place 16 ipc’s worth of units on any territory i control. With russia restriced, a common bid of six, the axis will put 2 infantry on libya. In axis and allies europe, the opposite is true, it’s an unfair advantage for the germans, therefore, you bid for allies.

    hope this helps

  • Xi kindly clarified for me in another thread that you couldn’t build an IC with money from the bid. Are there any other bidding related tournament rules?

    what happens if you’re bid doesn’t divide exactly into new units? which country gets the remaining IPCs? axis players choice i presume? can you buy tech rolls with the IPCs? what about AAs (not that you’d want to, but still)? Can you place newly purchased fighters on ACs? can you place german units on japanese starting positions and vice-versa?

    thanks for any info! 🙂

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