Landing Craft (Table Tactics) Questions

  • Has anyone played with Table Tactics’ A&A Accessories? If so, I have two questions concerning landing craft. The rules state that a LC must start & end its movement on land.

    1. So how does the U.S. build & deploy landing craft without having to build another IC?

    2. Could transports ship landing craft to territories without an IC?

  • You know, TT made the landing crafts to be used with the classic MB editions, and in that game it was usually UK that would purchase them, in UK, and use them for the first attack wave on Western Europe, and in next turn US could just re-inforce the newly taken territory with infantry from trannies, so no need for US to buy expensive landing crafts. In the pacific theatere, US would need to occupie Manchuria and build a factory there, and then place landing crafts there for the final attack on Japan, but at that stage most rational players had quit long time ago.

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