Questions about 1939 and other expensions ????

  • Hi everyone,

    I wanna know something about the commercial’s expensions of A&A who were realese especially about 1939 THE WORLD AT WAR, like contents, new rules, good and bad, if it’s worth the price etc… As a big A&A fan since a couple of years now i wanna add some spice to my games (thanx to the forum wich i’ve just discovered ). Also i’ve just buy the Axis & Allies Enhanced Realism Rules Part One on .It’s a 60 pages book. I know nothing about it i’ve try it because the price was good and i don’t think that’s it a 60 pages scrap. If someone knows about it i wanna know it too !!!

    When i will reicive it and read it i will talk about it here

    Thanx for your help and advice, keep-up the good work on this forum !!!

    Sorry for the double post since i’m new here i don’t know how to erase my old ones

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