• You know in A&A Europe, almost the entire North Atlantic Ocean is covered in German subs, and there is one sub off Denmark. In classic A&A, Germany starts with only 1 sub in the Western Europe SZ and 1 sub in the German SZ. Instead of having bidding or no Russian first attack, why not just start the game with Germany having 3 subs in the Western Europe SZ instead of 1?

  • that’s an interesting idea, but i think you also need russia restricted for it to be even. All they would help do is kill the usa transport, and maybe help get men from finland norway to france.
    not enough to even the balance after a first turn russia attack

  • '19 Moderator

    They would still be sunk in the first round. The best efect this would have I think is to possibly delay the attack on the german med. fleet and delay the Americans one turn from hitting africa or europe.

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