Axis and Allies tool wish list.

  • Hi,
    I am planning to write a software program to help with A&A play by email games. I am starting this thread to collect your wishes for such a utility. There will not be any computer AI here. This will be a utility to help you play A&A with other real people by email.

    Here is my base list of requirements, please add your own suggestions:

    • Cross-platform (Write in Java 2 so it will run on Mac, Win, and Linux platforms)
    • Die roll management
    • System to prevent cheating, by players restarting their turns.
    • Generates and processes emails representing turns of action.
    • Automated/programmable casualty removal. There will be a standard order for unit type removal. Players can customize the order for defensive losses per area.

    Let me know what you want in this utilty, I will keep adding requirements as I think of them.

  • tight

  • I really need some help to define how fancy the user interface should be. Obviously the more automated it is, the harder it will be to create. It could just be an image of the map with “stickers” for the playing pieces, and the player has to manually move the “stickers” around to reflect the moves that happened. Or, the system could try to automate the moving of the pieces on the board, which would make the utility easier to use, but harder to write.

  • the cross platform bit definitely appeals to me!

    i’m firmly of the opinion that simpler is better. the trickier you make it the more likely it is to crash and burn…

    good luck!

  • 2019 Moderator

    I think it would be good if it kept track of Ipc’s per country and per alliance.

    As for the movement of units I think that the stickers Idea would be fine.

    What you are discribing Sounds awfuly dificult to do, I would be happy with something much more simple. On line dice severs are easy to find and prevent cheating. What your taking about sounds like using the cd.

    But- If you can do it I’m all for it! 🙂

  • Make us proud Zero! 😄
    It would be sweet to have your A&A tools for internet gaming, though it migh take awhile to do.

    Maybe you can integrate the A&A forums and website into it – Just a thought, anways :roll:

  • Yes, go simple. Complex can be nice but theres a lot bigger chance that 1. It will have lotsa problems in it. Or 2. You will give up because its too much work.

  • Okay so I’m thinking the first step is to simply display an empty map and give the user a way to move around and see all the map.

    Then I will add stickers.

    Then game tracking support (IPCs / Dice rolls/ tech etc.)

    Then Email generation

    The idea to integrate to the forum some how is intriging, but that would be a low priority in my book versus just plain old email generation.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  • If you need help, I have limited programming experience in V-Basic and C++, though no experience in Java 2.

  • I think the idea about adding a link to axis and is a good one

  • I have some experience in Perl, if that helps at all.

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