Why axis and allies?

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    It’s a good job we all focus on a game that is so quick and easy to play!

    To put things in perspective, I once read a book on tabletop tactical wargaming – the kind that uses painted miniatures which are quite large by A&A standards – in which one chapter was devoted to a fellow who had devised his own tactical rules for solo WWII wargaming, and who was engaged in a multi-year project to refight (all by himself) the entire Second World War in his basement.  At the time of the book’s writing, he was getting ready to start the Battle of Stalingrad.  Now that’s dedication.

  • What I like most about Axis & Allies is, it’s not trying to be anything but itself. It’s not trying to mimic the tactical strategies of WW2 warfare down to how we get the shell into the cannon, and it’s not trying to dumb things down for risk enthusiasts, or simply strip it down to chess mechanics which would void it of any theme all together. Axis & Allies is it’s own strategy experience, and to compare or label it next to anything else would be to deny it’s individuality.

  • I have to admit I didn’t evaluate the market before choosing A&A, just played Europe first Edition once it in the noughties and took the chance to get it after thinking of it in the nineties while playing Shogun - but these games were hard to find in rural Europe without internet 20+ years ago…

    And now I think: A complete Global setup table is a peace of art.

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    Well “back in my day”, growing up as a teen/young-adult in the 1980s, we didn’t have much in the way of computer games.  Back then every game was a board game of some type for the most part, and while I did play extensively the more “grognard” hard-core board wargames like just about everything from Avalon Hill and SPI, and Axis and Allies was just another game I got into in my youth which was simpler to play with my friends.  There was always something “beer and pretzels” about Axis and Allies back in the 1980s that to this day still attracts me to the game.  I’ve recollected (is that a word) and customized my current 2nd-Edition version of the game, and spent quite a bit on extra units, printed game-boards and the like… all with few people to play against, but it’s part game, part collectible, and its fun either way.

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